Fiesta Bowl 2014

It’s FIESTA Time! The Fiesta Bowl is being played at 8:30 p.m EST in Glendale, AZ between UCF and Baylor. Seems a little bit like an unlikely matchup, but hey! More power to both of these teams for making it into a BCS Bowl for the first time! They both finished their seasons the best in their schools’ history.

The game will focus on these two team’s outstanding quarterbacks. Baylor’s Bryce Petty has already committed to return to Baylor next year. He was a Heisman contender at one point this season and is determined to prove what kind of player he really is.  UCF’s Blake Bortels is a top NFL prospect after his impressive season. Baylor is favored by 16 1/2. It’s hard to go against one of the top offensives in college football!

No matter what the outcome is of the Fiesta Bowl, both teams are truly winners this year! Congratulations to them!

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