You’re at a college football party this weekend and want to impress someone with your football “knowledge,” or at the very least, you don’t want to come across as if you know nothing. Here are some ideas to fake like you know football…

“I’m glad Bama has a bye this week so we don’t have to hear about how ‘great’ they are”

“Whoever plans Georgia’s schedule needs a crystal ball – they are nuts to have two such huge games back to back to start the season!”

“How many times do you think Manziel will make the money fingers this week? I wonder if that kid will ever just grow up. But, hey, that might make a great drinking game!”

“Can’t wait to see those hot new UCLA uniforms in a couple of weeks – those are wicked cool!”

“Do you really think this will be the last time Notre Dame plays in the Big House? That would just be a travesty”