What is excessive celebration penalty in football

Excessive celebration occurs after the offense scores points and gets just a bit too excited afterwards. There are some awesome excessive celebration penalties out there! Although they can take away from the game, I have to admit, I love to see those guys dance.

Here is our video to help you understand Excessive Celebration a bit better and see some of the greats like the New Orleans bent uprights against Atlanta, Terrell Owens pulling out a pen and signing a football, and a hidden phone in the padding of the goal post to call your kids! There are also the not so great ones like the Dirty Bird…can we all just forget about that one!

Stay on your feet and don’t add a prop to your celebration and you just might be ok. Do those things and, not only will your team be penalized, you may be fined as well!

What is the penalty for excessive celebration?

Excessive celebration is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and results in a 15 yard penalty. Since it occurs on the offense after a touchdown, the penalty is given to them on the kick-off by pushing them back 15 yards, giving the receiving team a chance for great field position.

What is the difference between excessive celebration and taunting?

Although similar, it is essentially the timing of when these two penalties occur. Excessive celebration is exclusive to the offense after scoring points. Taunting happens during the regular plays by either the offense of defense for just being a little too ‘in your face’ about a great play. Maybe yelling out about the other player’s mamma or something like that.

Why is the Lambeau Leap not considered excessive celebration?

Although the penalty rules do mention ‘leaving your feet’, the Lambeau Leap is considered a tradition as well as the fact that it occurs off the field of play. Therefore, leap at will! No penalty for a beautiful thing!

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