Are you stuck going to the College Football Hall of Fame as someone who doesn’t care the first thing about football? The crowd is going and you feel like you have to go?

Or maybe, you are just new to the sport and need some direction on not getting overwhelmed and making the most of your experience.

Regardless of being a non-fan or a new fan, there is plenty to enjoy about the College Football Hall of Fame. Here is our opinion on how you can make the most of your time at the  Hall and what exhibits you might want to focus on based on your mood and interests. Just pick a category below that best fits you and go with it. You’ll be sure to have a great time even if you don’t want to jump up and down, paint your face and


If you are a new fan, we recommend concentrating on solidifying your love for this sport. Football is so much more than big, sweaty guys and “‘X’s and O’s”. In fact, as a new fan, we’d recommend not getting all bogged down in the rules and plays. Get your heart in the game first and the rest will come as you watch games and ask questions.


This is our favorite part of college football. Each team has amazing traditions that have been woven into the fabric of their school for years and years. Knowing more about these will surely get you excited.

At the College Football Hall of Fame, concentrate on the following areas to get a feel for the traditions.

  • Tunnel going into the football field where they have rocks, ropes, and signs from around the country
  • Game Day Theater is a must as you’ll get all roused up and ready to run out onto the field yourself
  • Coca-Cola Fan’s Game Day exhibit will help you understand the traditions of the day from around the country from tailgating to mascots to bands
Enjoying the College Football Hall of Fame

Clemson’s rock


If you love a good reason to jab at someone else (or as Georgia and Georgia Tech call it – clean old-fashioned hate), then you’ll have to understand more about the deep-seeded rivalries that make college football what it is. These games are played throughout the year but Thanksgiving Saturday is the biggest weekend of some of the best rivalries known to the sport.

At the College Football Hall of Fame, here are some of the exhibits you will want to not miss:

  • Coca-Cola Fan’s Game Day exhibit shows some great relics of what is such a great part of the game day rivalries.
  • AT&T Game Time is the key exhibit for the rivalries so it must be a focus
  • Game Day Theater also shows some good rivalry footage

Heroes and Leaders

Ok, so maybe Melissa is a bit of a sap, but this is truly one of her favorite things about football. It’s not all about the guys that actually play on game day or even have a chance to play in college. It’s about what a team sport like football teaches a kid. As a child grows up, the lessons learned from team sports will help them be successful in everything else they do in their lives. Understanding the impact football has had on so many people and the impact these people have had on the world is truly awesome.

  • Kia Building a Champion exhibit is a must to see what it takes to play at this level of the game
  • National Football Foundation Building Leaders presented by Chick-fil-A exhibit highlights the greats that have come before and gone on to do amazing things and how football helped them along the way.



Any true historian knows a lot of history about a lot of areas. A great historian can understand how one event in history has so many downstream impacts. A new fan or a non-fan, you can enjoy the history. It is what makes something what it is. Check out the following exhibits to get more on the history of football:

  • The main history is on the 3rd floor in the actual Hall of Fame
  • Coca-Cola Fan’s Game Day exhibit has lots of history embedded in the artifacts
  • Kia Building a Champion chronicles the changes in equipment, training and nutrition in making better athletes and keeping them safer.
  • AT&T Game Time and the rivalries are certainly a key part of the history of the game
  • National Football Foundation Building Leaders exhibit has a ton of history of players who have gone on to be great

Inductees in College football hall of fame


Ok, so if you just can’t tolerate being at the Hall, there are several things you can still enjoy. Check out these categories that might just be right up your alley.

Movie Stars and Musicians

Want to see yourself on the big screen? Always dreamed of singing on stage? Check out these areas of the Hall of Fame for a bit of light hearted fun.College Game Day

  • Sing your favorite fight songs and have it replayed at the Hall and download to put on your facebook page at the end of your visit.
  • Be on TV with the broadcasters of College Game Day. You’ll get to read a part of the story, act excited about a team and see your results.
  • Game Day Theater to feel like you are running out on the field to all of the cheering teams.


Technology Guru

If you like technology, you’ll love the RFID in your Fan Access Pass. Choose a team, even if you don’t have one, and walk through the Hall and see what happens. Content throughout the Hall will change when you walk in the room.

  • The Helmet Wall lighting up for your team.
  • Chick-fil-a Why We Love College Football 52 foot long interactive laser touch screen.
  • The virtual reality of being in the middle of a huge stadium.
  • The Hall of Fame inductees monitors and the RFID and Laser technology there too.exhibits in the hall of fame


Ok, maybe all you can get excited about are the latest fashions coming out of New York. Then check these areas out:

  • Helmet Wall is full of colors and pretty logos for over 760 football teams.
  • Coca-Cola Fan’s Game Day exhibit has all sorts of cool fashions from dog’s-wear to mascots to tailgating attire from decades past and now.
  • Kia Building a Champion has some great uniforms and the technology behind the modern uniform.
  • National Football Foundation Building Leaders exhibit has great replicas of all the service academies football and dress uniforms. Very fancy.
  • Chick-fil-A Why We Love College Footall has lots of shiny things in it like cool trophies in silver, gold, platinum and bronze. Perfect accessories for any lady.

Interactive Board College Football Hall of Fame
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