The numbers don’t lie. The SEC, specifically the SEC West IS the best conference in the nation. They broke yet another record this week by being the first conference to have 4 teams in the top 5 of the AP poll. You have, in order,  Mississippi State, FSU, Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburn. Here’s what’s really interesting…two of the top 5 teams already have one loss and one other (Miss. State or Ole Miss) will certainly have a loss because those two teams play each other. It’s conceivable that Miss. State, Ole Miss and Alabama all end the season with one loss (AL to Ole Miss, Ole Miss to Miss. St. and Miss. St. to AL). If that’s the case, who wins the West?  The College Football Playoff Committee meets for the first time next week to announce their initial standings.

One thing is for certain. Every weekend counts and every game counts. This is what college football is all about!

SEC West

Denise is so optimisitic, isn’t she! Who wins the West is the winner of the Ole Miss v Miss St game. Notice, she didn’t even mention Auburn in this mix of options. Hmmm. Wonder why?!

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