David Pollack Controversy

What’s better on a Sunday morning after a fantastic day of football other than a little bit of controversy!

Did you hear David Pollack’s comments essentially saying women should not be on the selection committee for playoffs that start in 2014? Watch this little video here to get the background.


David Pollack

First, let me say, I adore David Pollack. He was amazing when he played football at UGA (even though he made my life as a GaTech fan miserable). I’ll never forget that batted ball, interception, touchdown play he made. That was unbelievable. I was so sad when his young and promising professional career came to an end with a horrible neck injury.

I’ll also say I think he is a fantastic commentator because of exactly what he said about the committee members – he eats, sleeps, breathes college football! He knows the game inside and out. Because of that, he’d be great as a member of that committee.

Condeleeza Rice

Secondly, let me say I have an amazing amount of respect and admiration for Condeleezza Rice. If you don’t know her story… her life story… you should. Especially if you are a woman. Forget about your political party affiliations and understand where this woman came from. It is quite amazing. Here are a couple of books on her that I would recommend.

Condeleezza was named the first female member of Augusta National golf club and she most certainly deserves that honor.

My Opinion on the “Controversy”

Although I certainly believe a woman can be a part of the committee, I don’t think Condi is the right one. I know a ton about football, but there is no way I’m qualified. If a woman is going to be on the committee, she should really know how to break down a team’s performance. She probably needs to have coached and if not that, she should be a complete student of the game…as should every one of the men on the committee. NO ONE on the committee should just be on there because of their name or because of what they once knew about the sport. They should be active participants who eat, sleep, watch, and have every other interaction with the sport 365 days a year.

I hope there is a woman out there like that, but if not, so what! Why do women have to feel involved in everything a man does. It does not make me feel discriminated against in the slightest. If you want to have the knowledge and skill to be on the committee, then acquire it! I am a firm believer anyone can do anything they put their minds to, including this if that’s what they want. But it is only fair they really know their stuff to be a part of it.

Just my humble opinion. What’s yours?

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