The Grove is going to be INSANE today. It’s the first time College Game Day has ever been there, and they are getting ready to play the biggest game of the SEC so far this season. Oh, and have you heard who they have for their special celebrity guest picker? KATY PERRY! Her manager is an Ole Miss alum, so…it makes sense.

Everyone I have talked to about today’s game is so excited to be able to see what The Grove is all about. Fans flocked there at 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning to secure their tailgating spots once security let them in.  You hear stories about the elaborate tailgates with candelabras and chandeliers. Here’s an interesting fact: “Due to county regulations, beer and light wine aren’t permitted on most of the campus. Liquor must be kept inside a cooler at all times and cannot be left unattended.” I guess it’s a good thing a lot of Alabama fans drink Bourbon!

Ole Miss currently has the 2nd ranked defense and Alabama’s offense has been virtually unstoppable, so far. This is clearly the toughest matchup either team has had all season so it is bound to be a great game. Under normal circumstances, I would be cheering for The Rebels. They’ve got a great story this year. However, in the end, I hope the Tide pulls out the “W”!

College Game Day at Ole Miss



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