If you had asked us, and most any football ‘expert’, prior to the beginning of the season what we thought of Missouri leading the SEC East as the only undefeated team and all other teams having at least 2 losses, we would have chuckled, then laughed, then snorted through our noses as we rolled on the ground laughing hysterically.

Missouri staying undefeated after playing Georgia and Florida is remarkable, even with the number of injuries on those teams. And, the Missouri / Florida game was just the tip of the iceberg. This was one of the biggest weekends of football craziness ever. Perhaps it just seems that way since we live in the South where we are used to the SEC dominating, but, my oh my, it was a thing of beauty.

The Upsets

There were so many huge upsets this weekend, I’m not sure which one is the biggest or where to start, but here goes….

First was essentially every game in the SEC. These are ‘upsets’ because the underdog won but the underdog in the SEC is generally still a mighty strong team.

  • Auburn beat Texas A&M – Auburn now is the only 1 loss team in the SEC and is poised and ready to pounce in the event Alabama loses (which may be to Auburn!). Big time game, super close and probably officially knocked Johnny Football out of any running for a 2nd Heisman.
  • Ole Miss beat LSU – another strong team who had stumbled some mid-season but they sure looked great Saturday in their win over LSU.
  • Missouri beat Florida – I guess for the 2nd week (or is it 3rd?) I have to eat crow for poo-poo’ing all over Missouri. Are they really this good? Their starting QB was out and they still beat Florida (who has a lot of injuries of their own, but really?). I’m still thinking they are going to implode but now that everyone else in the East has so many losses, they may just be able to hold on.
  • Tennessee beat South Carolina – I told you Knoxville is a tough place to play! I spent the day Sunday in Tennessee with a lot of family who went to UT. They were pretty ecstatic about the big win!!
  • Vandy beat Georgia – Wow! Still not sure what to say about this. The Bulldogs are beaten up really badly!! They’ve lost so many big-name starters and are playing who knows how many freshman. Hard to believe the Anchor Down call of the Commodores beat out the Hunker Down call of the Bulldogs.

Arizona beat Utah – a week after knocking down undefeated Stanford, Utah lost the wind in its sails and got beat, fairly handedly, by Arizona. I certainly didn’t predict that one.

Florida State beat Clemson – Another one of those ‘underdog’ wins games but it was certainly extremely unexpected FSU and their red-shirt freshman QB would win so impressively! Famous Jameis passed the test with flying colors!!

Wake Forest beat Maryland – I did not get a chance to watch any of this game but I was shocked at the score. Maryland is on an every other week win/loss record as of late but I’m expecting a two week slide with Clemson as their next match-up.

UCF beat Louisville – can I just say, “I told you so” on this one, well, because I did. Louisville was overrated and UCF underrated.

Minnesota beat Northwestern – it’s sad to see a team start so strong and then just fall apart (unless they are your archrival). That’s about all I’ve got to say about this one.

The ‘holy crap, we dodged a bullet’ Games

Miami barely beat UNC – UNC (crazy black uniforms and all) were leading with just seconds remaining in the game. Miami had to win with a last second field goal.

Ohio State beat Iowa – this was tighter than OSU would have liked. They were unable to cover the spread but squeak out a victory to maintain their unbeaten record. These tight games though have definitely had an impact on their ranking though.

Oklahoma beat Kansas – this game was closer than it should have been for the kind of season Kansas is having and Oklahoma was not able to cover the spread.

Stanford beat UCLA – Stanford was favored to win, won and covered the spread. However, this was an extremely important game and UCLA was still undefeated. Stanford looked strong and showed the experience they’ve faced in the PAC-12 North helped them conquer the Bruins.

BYU beat Houston – Houston was still undefeated too but BYU is coming on strong after a couple of early losses. Some just get better over time while others just get beat up (e.g. Georgia and Florida).

Everyone Else

Alabama beat the snot out of Arkansas – After Alabama’s big opening win they seemed to be a little flat although they continued to win. I must say, I’ve been down on them (just ask Denise) but I’m going to have to back off. They are getting better every game and will likely peak in an unbelievable BCS Championship game.

Arizona State over Washington – this was supposed to be close but wasn’t. Not sure what happened there.

Baylor beat Iowa St – Another 70+ point game for Baylor. My goodness!! How many games over 70 points can a team have in a season. This must be setting all sorts of records.

Fresno St beat UNLV – Fresno continues to just move on and on through the season with ‘big’ wins.

Notre Dame beat USC – this might not have been an important game in terms of BCS or conference titles, but this is always a big game between these two rivals. The win goes to ND this year, although it was not an impressive game.

All of these teams were expected to win and they did, including covering the spread.

  • Michigan beat Indiana
  • Northern Illinois beat Central Michigan
  • Oklahoma St beat TCU
  • Texas Tech beat West Virginia
  • Oregon beat Washington St

Tell us what you think!