This is the type of weekend that makes football fans. You don’t have to follow any particular team to enjoy an upset or revel in an underdog beating up a bully. We all love to see that. A spectacular weekend of college football all around. Even if your team lost, you can at least attempt to appreciate a weekend like this.

College Football Results – Week 7:

There were 5 big upsets, 7 top 25 teams lost and another 6 top 25 teams had to fight really hard for their victory. We had 11 unbeaten’s going in and only 8 came out still undefeated. The first official BCS results come out next week and everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats on what kind of shake up is going to happen. I can only imagine.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the expected winner won the game AND covered the point spread. Only 9 of the games this week fell into this category which really shows what kind of weekend it was. 

  • USC vs Arizona – USC might not be very good this year, but they still were expected to beat Arizona and they did.
  • Alabama vs. Kentucky – Alabama hasn’t always covered the spread this season, but still. The number 1 team in the country should be able to take an unranked team by 27.5 points.
  • Arizona St. over Colorado – no surprise here as the Sun Devils bounce back over an inferior Colorado team.
  • BYU over GA Tech – this was probably an obvious pick to everyone but me. I love my Yellow Jackets and was hoping for a nice win over BYU. Maybe next time.
  • Boise State over Utah State  – Boise pulled out a solid victory on the road over Utah State even without playing on their smurf turf blue football field.
  • Michigan State over Indiana  – this is one of those ‘Duh!’ kind of games.
  • S. Carolina over Arkansas –Arkansas looked so strong early  in the season but now that they are in the thick of their SEC schedule, they just can’t keep up with the likes of South Carolina whose QB and RB looked unstoppable.   
  • UCLA over California – UCLA is dominating the PAC-12 South division with another impressive win.
  • Virginia Tech over Pittsburgh  – it looked tight for a while but VaTech pulled out a great victory over the new ACC opponent, Pitt.

The not so obvious picks: 

  • Oregon over Washington – Oregon was favored to win and did. You could say this was an obvious pick but the PAC-12 North division is becoming a bit like the SEC where any given Saturday, anyone can win.
  • Oregon State beat Washington State (52-24) – with this win, Oregon State will likely get back in the top 25 again, especially with the kind of weekend we just had.
  • Syracuse beat NC State (24-10) – Syracuse wasn’t expected to win but everyone knew this could have gone either way.
  • LSU over Florida – This was one of the big SEC games this week. A loss for either team would hurt their chances to make it to the SEC championship. LSU played at home and they did not disappoint. Georgia needed Florida to lose and they got their wish only to have it all turned upside down by losing themselves.
  • Wisconsin over Northwestern – Even though Northwestern was ranked #19, they weren’t expected to win against unranked Wisconsin, and they didn’t! 

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Louisville beat Rutgers (17.5) 24-10 – Rutgers had their chance but 4 interceptions later, it’s just about impossible to win. This was Louisville’s first big test and they succeeded. Louisville may be 6-0 but ranked #8 is really a bit high given their competitors.
  • Texas Tech beat Iowa State (14.5) 42-35 – this was close for a long time and I thought Texas Tech might not pull it out. Iowa State wanted so badly to have a victory after their tough loss the prior week but they just couldn’t close the gap.
  • Clemson beat Boston College (24.5) 24-14 – Clemson was losing at half time but figured out a way to come back. Tajh Boyd had become the 2nd in the ACC for all-time passing yards. Very impressive!
  • Baylor beat Kansas State (17.5) 35-25 – Ok, I know. This was my one total ‘lock’ for the weekend. I thought Baylor would win by 70 points but for the first time this season they were held to only half their total points they have scored all season. This was their first test and people thought they might falter but kudos to them for showing they are for real.
  • Texas A&M beat Ole Miss (6.5) 41-38 – Tough game but Johnny Football once again showed why he won the Heisman last year. Ole Miss has fallen a long way in this tough SEC conference.
  • Maryland beat UVA (13.5) 27-26 – Dang. This was tight. Maryland was decimated last weekend in their 63-0 loss to Florida State but they fought hard to win, even just barely, over Virginia. That took character.

The Upsets

  • Stanford lost to Utah – The most shocking upset of the this week was #5 Stanford losing to unranked Utah, 27-21. Stanford is the first Top 10 team to lose to an unranked team this season. Chances are, they won’t be the last. Oh, how the mighty fall!
  • Missouri (#25) beat UGA (#7) (41-26) – UGA has so many of their key starters out this might have been an obvious pick but UGA should have been able to pull this one out. Their young defense just couldn’t stop the Mizzou offense. Missouri is undefeated, but this was their first game against a difficult opponent. Can they get past Florida, A&M, and S. Carolina to with the SEC East? I guess we will find out.
  • Penn State beat Michigan (#11) – This game went into 4 overtimes and finally ended with a 43-40 win for Penn State. If you were watching the game, you were probably wondering if either team really had anything left in them to win. Field goals were getting blocked and missed. Penn State finally ran the ball into the end zone to put the game away!
  • Texas beat Oklahoma (#12) – Texas definitely had something to prove. Their coach is in the hot seat and every game is a “must win” for him and the Longhorns. Texas didn’t just beat Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, they spanked them 36-20. 
  • Tulane beat East Carolina – This game went to 3 overtimes and Tulane finally pulled it out with a 36-33 win at home. 


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