If there is no crying in baseball, then there should be no mercy in football. But, there were a record number of games yesterday where ‘mercy’ was the rule. Games who volunteered to shorten the 4th quarter or use a ‘running clock’ in the 4th quarter. That’s just crazy!

What shouldn’t be allowed is these matchups between two completely unmatched teams especially when one of them is outside of the FBS or even outside of Division I football.

It’s different when a team within your same conference is having a bad year. It is something entirely unnecessary to see these teams rack up these ridiculous amounts of points against a team out of the division.

Ok, I’m off of my soap box on this one. Here are the results of the 25 games we picked for our Flip the Field pool. A lot of folks didn’t cover the spread which is always a bummer.

College Football Results – Week 4:

The worst weekend in college football, pretty much ended up where we thought it would. There was not one upset. Every favored team ended up winning. There were certainly some scares, but everyone pulled it out in the end.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the winning team should have won and should have covered and they did! Most of these teams had grossly inferior opponents so I’m not going to go into each of these.

  • Texas A&M vs SMU- Love him or hate him, Manziel put up another game of very impressive numbers.
  • Georgia Tech vs UNC – Tech started out slow and UNC started out prepared for the triple option. Melissa was definitely a bit nervous as whenever a team has extra time to prepare for Tech’s offense, the opposing team does well. Thankfully, Johnson’s pep talk at half time woke up both the defense and the option and Tech pulled it out in the downpour on the flats.
  • Nebraska vs South Dakota St – Melissa’s friend and SDSU Jackrabbit was hoping for an upset here. The Jackrabbits kept it close for a little while but Nebraska out muscled for a strong win.
  • Rutgers vs Arkansas – this was a great game and it was cool to see Eric LeGrand up in the booth calling plays. Rutgers impressed me with this great win over Arkansas whose running backs had seemed unstoppable.
  • Stanford vs Arizona St – the only game against two top 25 teams proved that Stanford is the real deal this year. Their QB looks really amazing.
  • Wisconsin vs Purdue – Wisconsin came back after their devastating loss last week at the expense of some bad refereeing and took care of business against Purdue.
  • All of these teams played teams completely out of their league! Nothing to say about how much they won by.
    • Ohio St vs FAMU
    • Baylor vs La-Monroe
    • Louisville vs FIU
    • Florida St vs Bethune-Cookman
    • Miami vs Savannah St
    • Washington vs Idaho St
    • UCLA vs New Mexico St

The not so obvious picks:

Usually we have a few matchups to highlight here. Not this week!!

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • LSU beat Auburn (16.5) 31-25 – The score was closer than the game. LSU really did not have any troubles here.
  • Fresno St beat Boise St (4.5) 41-40 – This game could have easily been a 1.5 point spread but with a 1 point victory, they still would not have covered. Tight game.
  • Alabama beat Colorado St (38.5) 31-6 – Once again, Alabama’s offense just did not light it up. Not sure when they are going to wake up but they are not acting like the number one team in the country (sorry Denise).
  • Pitt beat Duke (4.5) 58-55 – I’m not sure if there was a defense on the field for either team.
  • Northwestern beat Maine (30.5) 35-21 – Seriously, a top 25 team cannot really dominate this game!!
  • Notre Dame beat Michigan St (7.5) 17-13- Clearly ND is just not as good as they were last year.
  • Virginia Tech beat Marshall (11.5) 29-21 – It took 3 overtimes but VaTech finally took care of business.
  • Clemson beat NC State (14.5) 26-14 – Surprising score from Clemson and Heisman candidate Tajh Boyd.
  • Georgia beat North Texas (32.5) 45-21 – Georgia’s defense looked like crap! If they want to keep a top 10 standing and have any chance at LSU this upcoming weekend they’ll need to figure something out with all these young kids.
  • Florida beat Tennessee (14.5) 31-17 – No shocker here. Just missed covering the spread by 1/2 a point. With two ‘orange’ teams playing each other, this is one were a lot of folks wish both could lose.
  • Texas beat Kansas St (5.5) 31-21 – A good win by Texas to prove they still have a pulse.
  • Michigan beat Connecticut (17.5) 24-21 – Wow. Michigan is clearly the worst of the 4-0 teams.

The Upsets

Nada. Nothing. Zilch. BORING!!!!

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