What a great weekend of football! Once again, the big games did not disappoint, unless of course your team lost.

Courtesy of the cover of the Florida Times-Union , their headline for Florida’s massive upset loss to Georgia Southern was  “Gators choke on a cupcake

college football newspaper headlines

I love it! So, I decided to write some of my own headlines to represent what happened this weekend!! This pretty much summarizes everything you need to know.

Ducks eaten by Wildcats – The Oregon Ducks fell apart and lost to the Arizona Wildcats. At least now they don’t have to worry about the battle for 3rd place in the BCS. They will drop significantly.

Sun Devils put a pitchfork in the Bruins, they’re done! – Arizona State beat UCLA to take control of the PAC-12 South division.

Bayou Bengals bit the Aggies and spit out the 12th man in the remaining hair ball – LSU smeared Texas A&M and ensure Johnny Manziel will not repeat with the Heisman trophy.

The Badgers spanked the Gophers – I’m not really sure what the difference between a badger and a gopher is but Wisconsin won the battle of the Axe and beat Minnesota in the early preview to Rivalry weekend.

The Catholics beat the Mormons – I called this the battle of the GDI’s. Well, these two institutions, Notre Dame and BYU, are most commonly characterized by their religious affiliations to the Catholic and Mormon churches respectively. Looks like this year the Catholics won.

The Cowboys corralled the Bears then they took out their six shooter and shot them dead. – Oklahoma State is the first team to really dominate the Baylor Bears who have scored more than 60 points in nearly all of their games. Not yesterday. OSU looked amazing. Yet another team with BCS dreams crushed yesterday. Baylor can say goodbye to BCS and Petty can say goodbye to the Heisman.

Tigers clawed the Rebels – Mizzou locked up the SEC East division with a win over Ole Miss.

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