So, week 1 is not over yet but a lot has happened since Thursday night games. We thought we’d give you a quick recap of the headlines and the games you should know about. These will certainly be topics of conversation amongst folks the next few days. We will add to this as the week 1 games come to an end this holiday weekend.

College Football Week 1 Results:

  1. Alabama – a few things about the Alabama vs Virginia Tech game. (a) Alabama won and covered the spread (b) Alabama’s offense did not look good or Virginia Tech’s defense was amazing and (c) can we say Christian Jones! That kid single handedly won the game for Alabama with a punt return (72 yds) for a TD, a kick-off return (94 yds) for a TD, and a reception (38 yds) for a TD. Wow!! It’s a good thing Alabama has off next week so they can prepare for Texas A&M!
  2. Georgia vs Clemson – it is not easy to play in Death Valley and two top teams fought really hard. In the end, UGA’s young defense just couldn’t handle a tough Clemson offense. Good thing for UGA fans is their hopes for a national championship are not dashed, yet. They must step up next week against South Carolina and Steve Spurrier, a great hate-hate relationship. As for Clemson, they showed on a national stage they mean business and the ACC isn’t totally inferior to the SEC.
  3. Big Upsets – week one always has a lot of small FCS schools playing FBS schools and every now and again, one of these little schools comes in and embarrasses the pants off the home team. This week was no different. (a) North Dakota State beat Kansas State (b) Towson beat Connecticut (c) Eastern Washington beat Oregon State (d) McNeese State beat South Florida. There will be talk about uniting the two subdivisions into one. Just nod, grunt, shrug your shoulders. That’s crazy talk for now.
  4. Georgia Tech 70 points! Melissa just had to throw that one in there. Her daughter’s reaction, ‘this is a great way to practice your multiplication tables!” – so cute.

College Football Week 1 – Heisman Trophy:

Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M QB) who won the Heisman last year and was only able to play in 1/2 the game this week due to a suspension from signing autographs, acted like a complete jerk on the field. I was expecting him to put his summer frolics behind him and play focused and determined. Instead, although he played well, he was a complete A*% on the field including a personal foul, not respecting his coach and being ‘above’ everyone else. I have now joined the team that wants him to just shut up and go away. 

Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina DE) who is considered a front-runner for the Heisman, did not crush his chances, but he did not play well against an inferior UNC team. He should have crushed them. They said he wasn’t feeling well, but his 2013 TV debut did not look good. He can still overcome but sometimes it only takes one game to knock you out of the running.

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