The heart of the season is here. The picture of the top teams and the BCS is becoming clearer….or is it? After this weekend, the top four teams will be fairly well cemented assuming none of them lose any games! As my 6th grade teacher used to say, “Is it as clear as mud?” Here are the highlights of this weekend’s schedule of games.

BCS Rankings

Week 8 Big Games – Between Conferences:

Southern Cal vs Notre Dame – we highlighted this game as our top rivalry of the week. Although this is not a big game this year, for the first time in a long time, it is still a beautiful depiction of a wonderful rivalry. Check out the post if you want to learn a bit more about why college football is the greatest sport known to woman.

BYU vs Houston– I must admit I know just about nothing about this game. However, Houston is still undefeated and in the running for the American Athletic conference with Louisville. BYU, after their win over my sweet little Yellow Jackets last week, find themselves 4-2 and on their way to a nice season. Beating an undefeated Houston would surely make it that much sweeter.

Week 8 Big Games – Within Conferences:

Every conference game at this point in the season for a top 25 team is a ‘big’ game. Even if you are playing some small girls school from rural Alaska, you can’t afford to lose. Teams have to stay up on these ‘off’ weeks when they are playing a lesser conference opponent, regardless of how badly they think they will win. College football is becoming more and more like the NFL where on ‘any given Saturday’ any team can win. You best be prepared!

Here are some of the ‘bigger’ of the 25 games we are following this week within conference play, and most of these are beyond ‘bigger’ and more like huge!

  • Florida St at Clemson – this is our Game of the Week and rightfully so. This is easily the biggest regular season ACC game in a decade or more. Whoever wins this game will secure their position in the top 4 teams in the country! I am personally so excited to watch this game.
  • UCLA at Stanford – This could be the pre-cursor to the PAC-12 championship (assuming Oregon loses somewhere along the way). Regardless, this is a big time game in a big time conference between two big time teams.
  • Florida at Missouri – So, Denise and I’ve been talking about Missouri. They had a huge victory last week over Georgia and they are currently undefeated and on the top of the SEC East. However, this is just not going to last. Missouri may be 6-0 now, but they could easily end the season 1-5 or 2-4. They have the heart of the SEC teams left and their starting QB is out for the next 2-3 weeks. Yikes. The only saving grace for Mizzou for this game is that Florida is pretty beaten up too.
  • UCF at Louisville – I still have a small place in my heart for UCF because of the O’Leary connection. Louisville is still undefeated and ranked #6 in the country and is on top of the American Athletic Conference. However, that conference is still all up in the air so this is a big game for the AAC.
  • LSU at Mississippi – Dear Lord! Can any game in the SEC not be important? LSU must win to try and keep up with Alabama and Missisippi can beat them. The Rebels are at home and have a decent shot.
  • Auburn at Texas A&M – See what I mean?! Another huge game. A&M is doing great. Johnny Manziel is continuing to ‘quietly’ show he still has what it takes but Auburn is not to be laughed at. One of these teams is going to end up with 2 SEC West losses and will likely be out of the running for the SEC so this is a must win for both. Auburn will have to do it on the road at the home of the twelfth man.
  • Washington St at Oregon – Washington St has fallen off a little but they are still a good team. I fully expect Oregon to win, but if they don’t, the Top 4 teams will get really interesting.
  • South Carolina at Tennessee – As UGA was reminded couple of weeks ago, playing in Knoxville is not easy. Tennessee is rebuilding this year but they are a quality SEC opponent in one of the best college stadiums in the country. South Carolina must continue to win to keep doors open for them in the SEC East.
  • Georgia at Vanderbilt  – Georgia has to win out their season and they need to get some players healthy again if they are going to do it. Unfortunately, Vandy is no patsy and Georgia will have to remember that when they head into Nashville.
  • UNLV at Fresno St – both are 2-0 in the Mountain West Conference West Division but obviously one will have a loss after this weekend. The team who wins this might just be the winner of MWC at the end of the season.
  • Iowa at Ohio State – Ohio State must win to stay in the top 4 teams and have any hope of making it to the BCS Championship game. They also have to hope the other top 4 teams all end up with a loss in order to get to the big game. Iowa won’t be easy but OSU should be able to pull this one out.

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