Week 7 is here! We still have 11 undefeated teams going into the weekend and we may still have 11 at the end, but not likely!! Somebody is likely to fall. Who will it be?

Fun news this week is a college football game scheduled to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s right! A Nascar track. That’s just crazy but could be a lot of fun.

If you haven’t already taken our fashion poll on what kind of helmet you like, you can still do it. So far, we have 100% voting for traditional style. This week, Washington is going from the shiny chrome helmets to a matte finish. Can’t they just pick a style and stick with it for a season?

Week 7 Big Games – Between Conferences:

Georgia Tech vs BYU – This is the only out of conference game we are following this weekend. This will be the battle of two 3-2 games. Of course, I am hoping for a GT victory. I guess we’ll see if Paul Johnson has his team executing the triple option.

Week 7 Big Games – Within Conferences:

The biggest college football games this week are:

  • Florida at LSU – the Gators are headed from the swamp to the Bayou. Big game. Big implications. Florida has to win to stay ahead of Georgia in their side of the conference and LSU has to win to have any chance in their side of the conference in the odd chance Alabama stumbles (probably not going to happen). I know who my husband will be pulling for regardless of how much it might hurt!!
  • Oregon at Washington -Big game. Big implications again. Washington had a tough loss last week against Stanford and now they have to come right back and play another top 5 team. I feel a little bit sorry for them. If Washington pulls out an upset, the PAC-12 North will get even more crazy than it already is.
  • Missouri at Georgia – Georgia is playing the newest #25 team this week. Georgia struggled against UT last week but they were playing in Knoxville at one of the most difficult stadiums to be a visitor in. This week, a very beaten up Georgia team is back between the hedges. They are hoping their depth off the bench to replace the injured players is deep enough. The freshman running backs last week sure seemed to be ready.

A lot of the conference games this weekend are between teams not in the running for their conference championship so we are not featuring them. Of course, if any of the undefeated’s lose this weekend – that will be big news. The current teams still undefeated are: Alabama (1), Oregon (2), Clemson (3), Stanford (5), Louisville (8), UCLA (11), Oklahoma (12), Baylor (15), Michigan (18), Texas Tech (20), and Missouri (25).

  • ECU at Tulane – this might not sound like a big game but these two teams are each leading their respective divisions of C-USA so I guarantee this is a big game for them. We will see if the Pirates can stay the course against the mighty Green Wave!
  • The Pac-12 North division will probably start to make some sense after this weekend. Everybody but Cal is still in the running for this talented group of teams led by Oregon and Stanford. If one of these two teams stays undefeated, clearly they will win their division but they both could end up with a loss. You just never know! Here are the 3 big games involving PAC-12 North teams.
    • Oregon St vs Washington St
    • Oregon vs Washington
    • Stanford vs Utah
  • Pitt at Virginia Tech – Virginia Tech stands atop the ACC Coastal division with a 2-0 conference record but Pitt is 2-1 in conference play. So, do the math, if Pitt pulls out a victory they will be 3-1 and VaTech 2-1. Intriguing, isn’t it!!?? That’s what is so fun about being half-way through the season.
  • Rutgers at Louisville – two of the top teams in the American Athletic Conference with big implications into how these teams will end up.
  • Texas at Oklahoma – for all the gossip about Texas and the future of the program and their coach, they now find themselves 2-0 in conference play. If they pull out an upset over Oklahoma, maybe their fans will calm down a bit.
  • Just about all the Big Ten (B1G) games this weekend are ‘significant’ because just about everyone in the conference still has the potential to win the conference (except Minnesota).
    • Indiana at Michigan St
    • Michigan at Penn St
    • Northwestern at Wisconsin

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