We are right into the thick of it now! Great matchups again this week with 22 of the 25 games we will be following being conference games. Nearly  all of the 25 games (there will still be a few blow outs) have potential to be great games, but we can’t talk about them all. Here is our synopsis.

Week 6 Big Games – Between Conferences:

Notre Dame vs Arizona St– Arizona St is coming off of an amazing win against USC last week and has to play Notre Dame. My money (if I was a betting woman 😉 would be on Arizona St since the spread is only 5.5 points.

Georgia State vs Alabama – Not a big game but Alabama is #1. Alabama is favored by 56.5 points and clearly will win this game. There is ZERO chance they won’t. The issue is whether or not Alabama can and will put up that many points against a GSU team who is new to FBS football and has not won a game yet.

Fresno State vs Idaho – Fresno should have no problem winning this matchup and keeping their undefeated record.

Week 6 Big Games – Within Conferences:

The three biggest games of the week are between 6 undefeated teams but only 3 will keep that status by Saturday night. These games are sure to not disappoint. We’ll write a Game of the Week post for the Ohio State / Northwestern game.

  • Ohio St at Northwestern – the top teams of the Big 10 go at it. Hard to believe Northwestern is one of the ‘top’ teams but they have looked good so far (even without a conference game yet) and they get to play at home. Ohio St is coming off of a great victory against Wisconsin. We’ll see if they have the mental fortitude to play strong again this week and keep Urban Meyer’s 17 game winning streak at Ohio State alive.
  • Maryland at Florida St – Two undefeated teams in the ACC. Florida St with their freshmen phenom quarterback get to take on the mighty terrapins!. What’s up with that mascot anyway? I’m not much into being a turtle. Florida St needs the win to keep up with Clemson for any chance to win their side of the ACC. Maryland is looking for their first conference win.
  • Washington at Stanford – the tops of the Pac-12 going at it here too. These two teams are tough and likely to make for a stellar late night game.

These are some of the other great games this weekend between conference teams.

  • UCLA at Utah– A lot of folks are saying UCLA is really a legitimate team in the Pac-12 this year. I’m just looking forward to their cool new uniforms they are going to wear in November!
  • Mississippi at Auburn – this is for pride since neither of these teams will really have any chance to win their side of the SEC (being that Alabama and LSU are also on their side of the conference). I still expect a great game. Plus, what’s not to like about a QB in Mississippi with the name Bo? It’s just perfect. Maybe he drives a replica of the General.
  • Minnesota at Michigan – It’s anybody’s conference in the Big 10 and both of these teams need a win to make anything happen in the conference. Michigan has had some really close calls this season already. Maybe a week off let them gather some perspective. If not, expect Minnesota to win.
  • Arkansas at Florida – Florida is tied with Georgia for the SEC East. They need to win but Arkansas is still a formidable team, despite their last two games being losses. We’ll see if they can lick their wounds and bounce back against a strong Florida team down in the Swamp.
  • West Virginia at Baylor – WVa is looking for another conference win while Baylor is looking for their first. Baylor hasn’t played ‘anybody’ yet but they have been racking up some amazing points totals thus far (209 points in 3 games!!). The Mountaineers have not had a week off yet and are playing their 6th game already. They may be a bit tired but we will see!
  • Georgia Tech at Miami – We all know by now that I’m a Yellow Jacket fan but my mom grew up in Coral Gables, FL too. I still want my team to knock the wind out of the hurricanes (get it!?) and hope that Virginia Tech stumbles sometime (well, twice actually) down the road so we still have a shot at the ACC. A girl can dream, right?
  • Georgia at Tennessee – these two teams play each other hard every year. This is the site of the hob-nailed boot comment that Munson coined in a flurry of excitement. They are conference and division rivals and Georgia has to keep the momentum to keep their dreams alive. The Vols are hoping for a big conference win, their first of the season so far.

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