After four weeks of the big kids beating up on the little kids (with a few  exceptions), we are “fixin’ ” to start the real college football season. The tune ups are almost over and this week, the majority of the games are conference games. Rubber is meeting the road. Games are starting to matter. Teams will be put to the test. Hopes and dreams will be made and crushed. Any more clichés you want to add? Feel free! Let’s get this party started.

Week 5 Big Games – Between Conferences:

Oklahoma at Notre Dame – this is the biggest of the ‘non-conference’ games, but since ND is not in a conference (yet), whenever they play it is a ‘big’ non-conference game. Personally, I believe Notre Dame is once again overrated and Oklahoma is going to show them who is boss.

South Carolina at UCF – Most years, this would be a blowout. This year, O’Leary has put together a quality UCF team. They’ll have home field advantage but South Carolina has had a week to rest. This could go any which way.

Week 5 Big Games – Within Conferences:

  • Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech – My husband and I will both be at this great Thursday night game. Tech generally plays really well on Thursday nights and has called for a white out. Beamer is ready to prove his Hokies are still relative in the ACC. Usually a great game and a must watch.
  • Ole Miss at Alabama – this could be and should be a great game. But with the offensive and defensive problems Alabama has displayed thus far in the season, my pick is on Ole Miss. They might not win, but I’m thinking they cover the large and undeserved 16.5 point spread.
  • Texas A&M at Arkansas – Arkansas proved, on a big road game to Rutgers last week, they may not have what it takes. With a small spread of 3.5 points for A&M, I have to pick them to win and cover with Johnny Football tossing it around.
  • LSU at Georgia – Wow! This one is huge. LSU is either going to prove they are worthy of being in the top few in the country or Georgia is. Major SEC implications here. My husband will be at the game while I have soccer mom duty!
  • Florida at Kentucky – Any SEC conference game is important but this one should not be too exciting. The Gators are hoping their 2nd string QB who is now the 1st string after the broken leg suffered last week, will have a chance to tune up his game.
  • Wisconsin at Ohio St – Another huge game. It should be between two undefeated teams but I guess everyone has gone nuts over the Wisconsin debacle 2 weeks ago. A definite must watch.
  • Stanford at Washington St – Stanford has to stay on top of their game and not let Washington St beat them if they hope to win the PAC-12 and have a chance at the national title (assuming they have any chance at getting past Oregon).
  • Oklahoma St at West Virginia – a Big 12 matchup that should go to OSU. We’ll see. West Virginia can be very tough.
  • Florida St at Boston College – this has big ACC implications but Florida State should not have any problems with this one.
  • Wake Forest at Clemson – ditto on the above but insert Clemson!
  • Southern California at Arizona St – both of these teams have fallen from the top 25 but it will likely be a decent game.

For Grins

San Diego St vs New Mexico St – instead of the battle of the undefeated, we decided to add to our list this week, the battle of the losers. Both SDSU and NMSU have not won a single game this season, so one of them will get their first! That’s great. Plus, this is a small shout out to Denise’s husband who went to SDSU and has to tolerate all the early morning blogging by Denise. Thanks Randy! This one is for you!

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