The games this weekend are so boring ESPN game day has opted to travel all the way to North Dakota State University in Fargo to watch them take on Delaware State. Really?!

Makes me think of the movie Fargo and Marge saying “Ya know, I think I’m going to barf!” Most of the games this weekend will be as nasty as the wood chipper scene in that movie.

I guess I should be more “respectful” as NDSU is the best of the FCS teams and they did have a big upset in week one against Kansas State.

Bottom line, not many games to highlight here, but here are the few on the college football schedule that matter. We’ll keep it short and sweet.

Week 4 Big Games – Between Conferences:

There is just one of these worth highlighting.

  • Michigan State (3-0) at Notre Dame (2-1) –  Notre Dame has fallen to #22. If Michigan St wins, ND will fall out of the top 25 and Michigan St will likely hop in but it is hard to know if Michigan St has what it takes because they have not played anyone yet.

Week 4 Big Games – Within Conferences:

  • Arizona St at Stanford – this is the ONLY game the entire weekend between two ranked teams with Stanford at #5 and Arizona St at #23. They are both undefeated and this will shed some great light on what is going to happen in the PAC-12 this season. A game worth watching.
  • Auburn at LSU – this is a test of two undefeated SEC teams but really it is just going to be a domination of a Bayou Bengal over the Kitty Cats of Auburn. I’m expecting carnage.
  • Tennessee at Florida -After getting devoured by the Ducks last week, Tennessee will be anxious to get back on a winning path but my bet is that they’ll get swamped by those pesky Gators.
  • UNC at Georgia Tech – Regardless of where these two teams are each year, it is generally a great game. It probably stems back to the 1990 game where GT tied UNC for the 11-0-1 season that led to a co-National Championship (which can’t happen anymore). If not for that tie (which can’t happen anymore), Tech would have had the only National Championship and a lot more respect.
  • Purdue at Wisconsin – this may be a conference game, but not really a big one unless Wisconsin loses.
  • Clemson at NC State – both are 2-0 teams, both in the ACC but this won’t be close. Another Tiger devouring the entire Wolfpack of NC State.
  • Boise St at Fresno St – that just makes me want to chuckle but it is a ‘big’ game for the MWC. If you’ve got insight on this one, feel free to share with the rest of us.
  • Kansas St at Texas – this should be a big game but since Texas seems to be falling apart, it’s not. But, if Kansas St can lose to NDSU then maybe Texas has a shot at this one.

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