Week 3 of the college football schedule is the beginning of having more meaningful games but there are still a lot of non-conference games.

Check out the top 25 in the coaches and AP poll. Ignore the BCS rankings because those are not real for a few more weeks. As for the big changes for the week? Georgia moved back up. Ole Miss moved into the top 25. A couple of teams moved out. There are 7 SEC teams in the top 25 and now there are 3 ACC teams. I think the majority of the rest of the conferences have 1-2 teams represented in the top 25.

The Big Game Week 3:

The big game this week is hands down the re-match (aka revenge game) between Alabama and Texas A&M. Last year, we all knew A&M was coming to the SEC, and were shocked to see A&M upset undefeated Alabama on their home turf. Alabama is out for revenge. Manziel is out to prove it was not a fluke. We are out to watch a great game!

If nothing else, watching the classiness of a quiet AJ McCarron compete against the arrogant and showy Johnny Manziel will be entertaining. Oops! Did I say that out loud!.

Week 3 Big Games – Between Conferences:

  • Stanford at Army – Stanford is ranked #5 and is playing at West Point. Stanford should win this game but you still have to love the service academies. When the guys from both of these teams graduate and move on to their careers outside of football, we will all be impressed by what they accomplish. Hooha!!
  • UCLA at Nebraska – is the only other game this weekend between two top 25 teams. Nebraska’s young defense will need to step up if they don’t want another crazy offensive game like UCLA had against them last year.
  • Tennessee at Oregon – UT has to travel across the country to play the super high paced offense of Oregon. Tennessee has looked decent this year so far, but they are playing Oregon without the help of their 100k capacity stadium filled with orange. They are going to be chasing the Nike swoosh all over that field.
  • Iowa at Iowa St – Clearly these teams are in state rivals which is always fun to watch. They are also conference rivals between the Big 10 and Big 12 conferences.
  • Washington at Illinois – Washington is ranked and favored over the Illini but perhaps Illinois will surprise some folks. They’ve looked ok so far with a win over Cincinnati last week.
  • Ohio St at California – Kind of like the Washington game above, Ohio St should defeat the bears of California but Cal could surprise us too.
  • Mississippi at Texas – Mississippi just moved into the top 25. Texas just moved out of the top 25. There are also some crazy rumors that Mack Brown (head coach for Texas) might be on the hot seat. Texas is favored I suppose because of their home field advantage. Mississippi could show they deserve to be in the top 25 with a big win in hostile territory.

Week 3 Big Games – Within Conferences:

  • TCU at Texas Tech- OK, so this game happened last night. Texas Tech surprised some folks by playing TCU so tough. I think I was most impressed with the backup QB walking on in the middle of the game and leading TT down the field for a really nice touch down drive. Wow, some crazy stuff from the officiating crew too but congrats Red Raiders!
  • Air Force at Boise St.- These teams are within the same conference, I love the service academies, but I’m not really looking forward to this game. This game is for people who follow one of these teams and that’s really about it.
  • Mississippi St at Auburn – all SEC conference games are big games even if it is Auburn playing Miss St. Anyone who loses one of these conference games has their national championship hopes essentially dashed.
  • Vanderbilt at South Carolina – Mega-dittos to the comment above. South Carolina should blow out Vandy, especially at home, especially after losing last week and wanting to save some face.

This week we have a lot more in conference games but a lot of these are still the mismatch games. Of course, on a personal note, my Yellow Jackets are battling the mighty Blue Devils of Duke. Let’s just hope they whip up on them (assuming you are not a Duke fan).

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