Week 2 of the college football schedule is upon us! There are a few more games this week that actually mean something now that the vast majority of the teams had their ‘practice’ game week 1.

The top 25 changed some this week. Biggest notes: Clemson moved up to number 4 and Georgia dropped after that tough game last week. Here is the current top 25.

The Big Games Week 2:

There are 2 really big games this week between top 25 ranked teams. Both are worthy of game of the week and will be detailed more in a later post.

Georgia vs South Carolina – Yes, Georgia was the game of the week last week too. But, wow! Who opens the season with 2 huge games in a row! This one though is even bigger than last week because it is an in conference match-up with big implications on the National Championship opportunities for both teams.

Notre Dame vs Michigan – This is the only other game this week featuring 2 top 20 teams. Notre Dame may be overrated, but maybe not. Regardless, this is a big rivalry between these schools and will be sure to please.

Week 2 Big Games – Between Conferences:

  • Florida at Miami – This game features in-state rivals in Florida. However, it also represents the rivalry between the SEC and the ACC where the former assumes the best conference in the nation and the latter wishes to become the best conference in the nation. The ACC will need to start winning more of these to ever get there!!
  • Oregon at Virginia – This ought to be interesting. You don’t see a PAC-12 team traveling across country for a game very often when it is not a bowl game. Oregon is fun to watch because they play the hurry up spread offense and typically score a ton of points.
  • Syracuse at Northwestern – Big Orange and Big Purple on the same field (ok, Northwestern is not known as Big Purple so don’t repeat that in front of anyone lest you be laughed at). Syracuse used to play a lot more with Northwestern but with their move to the ACC these kinds of games won’t be played as often. The rivalry is tied 5-5 all-time and last year was a big game with Northwestern squeaking out a 42-41 victory.
  • Texas at BYU – #15 ranked Texas will likely not just run all over the BYU Cougars. We’ll see how this one plays out in Utah.

Week 2 Big Games – Within Conferences:

  • Wake Forest at Boston College – Can I call this a big game? No. But it is a conference game so it matters, just not a lot.
  • Cincinnati at Illinois – can I ditto the above comment on this game too?
  • West Virginia at Oklahoma- this is one of those weird in-conference matchups where you wonder how West Virginia is in the same conference as Oklahoma. Regardless, OU is ranked and ranked teams playing in-conference games is always important.
  • Hawaii at Oregon St – Oregon State is hoping, maybe even praying, for a big come back victory over Hawaii after losing to a Division II (FCS) school last week that was sure to embarrass even these kids’ mothers!
  • Washington St at USC – USC is barely holding on to a ranked position at #25. A win against Washington St will likely keep them in the top 25 for another week.

Lots of games this week but it is still early so a good number of teams are still playing teams not quite at their level. Alabama has the week off (a bye week) as well as a few other teams. For the entire schedule of games this week, click here

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