Five undefeated teams going into the weekend. All of them are playing. Any of them could lose, but will they?

Getting down to the wire and every game for teams in the top 25 are critical. Conference division champions are still to be crowned as really nothing is locked yet. Keep up with the action starting with what will hopefully be a fantastic Thursday night game between Georgia Tech and Clemson

College Football Schedule – Week 12

Week 12 Big Games – Within Conferences:

Oklahoma St at Texas – this is our Game of the Week primarily because we have not focused a game of the week on either of these two teams and it is one of the few games between two top 25 teams. OSU has to win this to have a shot at the Big 12 championship title. Otherwise, Texas and Baylor will have to duke it out.

Georgia at Auburn – This is a big in conference rivalry game. Auburn must keep winning to have any chance if Alabama ever stumbles. Georgia must keep winning and hope some others start losing. The problem is, Georgia’s young defense and beaten up offense probably have no shot against the Tigers, especially on the road. But, to give a shout out to my Georgia fans, here is the best picture EVER taken in college football. Check our weekly pick-up lines on Saturday for a great follow-up to this little picture.

college football schedule

Uga V lunges at Robert Baker during the 1996 Georgia-Auburn game. Photo credit: Montgomery Advertiser

Georgia Tech at Clemson – Georgia Tech finds themselves on the top of the ACC Coastal division which is a bit of a surprise coming into the season. I love these big Thursday night games and I would love it even more if my Yellow Jackets can pull off a monstrous upset in Death Valley against the Tigers of Clemson. I’m just not putting any money on it. Clemson’s defense is too disciplined to be tricked for long on the Triple Option.

Utah at Oregon – This should be a big team with a little game but Utah upset Stanford so I’m going to give them a tiny bit of respect! Ducks win by a lot is my prediction.

Texas Tech at Baylor -A must win for Baylor to remain undefeated and continue their hopes for a BCS berth. Texas Tech is no pushover but they are probably still a little down after their last few disappointing weeks. But you never know! Look what VaTech did to Miami after battling out of their depression last weekend.

Houston at Louisville – I still think Louisville is a bit of a joke and expect (and hope) Houston wins this one. But, it could go either way.

Oregon St at Arizona St – Arizona St is leading the PAC-12 South, but USC and UCLA are nipping on their heels. Like so many others, now that we are down to the wire, they are in a “must win to control their destiny” kind of situation.

Michigan St at Nebraska – Michigan St is favored in this game but I decided to go with Nebraska. They just seem to be playing with a lot more heart right now. If Nebraska wins, they just might take the Legends division of the Big Ten. If not, that will most certainly go to Michigan State.

Miami at Duke – seriously? How is this not a big team with a little game? Well, because Duke is having a fantastic season. Maybe they are starting their basketball team instead, I don’t know, but they are doing really well. Way to go Blue Devils! My ‘aunt’ would be so proud of her team!!

Ball St at Northern Illinois – This game was played Wednesday (still makes me sick they play any day but Thursday or Saturday) and N.Ill was able to maintain their undefeated record to likely lock up the MAC! Woop, Woop!! (just showing some pretend love)

Washington at UCLA – This is important for UCLA but is nothing but pride for Washington since they are stuck on the same side of the conference as Stanford and Oregon. .

Stanford at USC – Critical must wins for both teams although for different reasons. Stanford needs to win and win big to impress the BCS pollsters and computers and have any hopes of moving up beyond their current 4th place. Of course, a loss by any of the current top 3 would change that too.

Maryland at VaTech – neither of these teams are ranked. However, with VaTech beating Miami last week and tossing a big wrench into the ACC Coastal division standings, this has become a big game in VaTech’s eyes. A win for them and a GaTech loss to Clemson would seal their fate and it would be a good one.

Week 12 Big Teams with Little Games

There are several teams playing some weaker conference opponents this weekend. Just not worth commenting on them other than, if they lose, ‘ruht ro Shaggy!’

  • Alabama at Mississippi St
  • Syracuse at Florida State
  • Iowa St at Oklahoma
  • Florida at South Carolina (ok, I admit, as a non-Florida fan, it was a lot of fun to put this in the little game category)
  • Ohio State at Illinois
  • UCF at Temple

That’s your college football schedule for week 12.
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