A lot of games this week where top teams have a bye or are playing a highly inferior opponent. This is the time for many to gather up some strength as we head down the home stretch and some of the toughest games left to be played.

Then there are those huge games being played by folks who ‘rested’ last week. Everyone this weekend will be talking about LSU vs Alabama, Oregon vs Stanford and Oklahoma vs Baylor. If anyone in the top 10 loses, that’s what everyone will be talking about!!

oregon and stanford 2013

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Here is your…

College Football Schedule – Week 11

Week 11 Big Games – Out of Conference:

BYU at Wisconsin – Wisconsin is favored in this game but they’ve lost their only two games against worthy opponents. On the contrary, BYU, after a shocking loss to UVA to open the season, has looked really strong including a strong win over Boise St last weekend.

Notre Dame at Pitt – Notre Dame is trying to finish strong and stomping on Pitt will certainly help them and should be an easy feat.

Week 11 Big Games – Within Conferences:

Oregon at Stanford – This is a HUGE game although it is not our game of the week. This will be a really fun Thursday night game to watch as these two spread offenses battle it out to win the PAC-12 North in addition to the game’s enormous BCS Championship implications. If Oregon wins, they probably “secure” their 2nd place BCS ranking and a trip to the Championship game (assuming they win out). If Stanford wins, not only does that give them a shot at playing in the PAC-12 championship, it opens the door for Florida St and Ohio St to make a run at the title game. I’m thinking Stanford is wishing they had a much bigger stadium right about now for some amazing revenue in a game like this.

Oklahoma at Baylor – Another really important game, this time for the Big 12, between two teams fighting for a chance in a conference still up for grabs. Oklahoma is averaging about half as many points per game as Baylor so their defense better come to play. My bet is there is just no way Baylor doesn’t win this game and win pretty big.

LSU at Alabama – The super big game for the SEC this week and our game of the week as well. Alabama has everything to lose in this game and LSU has nothing to lose unless they are blown out by 50+ points. Those are the kind of games the #1 team faces every week. Lots of bad blood between these schools and a lot of animosity for the coaches too. We’ll see if once again, McCarron and the Tide Defense quietly take care of business.

Houston at UCF –This is the battle to see who will be the likely winner of the AAC conference. Both of these teams are at the top hoping to come out smelling like a rose in what will likely be a touch battle. As usual, my money (figuratively of course) is on O’Leary and UCF.

UCLA at Arizona – with a lot of tough games ahead, the battle for the PAC-12 South is still up in the air too. These two teams are hoping to make a run at it and whoever loses is out of the race.

Florida St at Wake Forest – ok, Wake is not a big game for anybody, I know!! However, any game for a top 5 team down the stretch is a big game. Wake is not a ‘complete’ push over and those are the games teams sometimes fall asleep on. I don’t think that will be the case for Famous Jameis Winston and that mean FSU defense this week, but you just never know. That’s why they play the game!

Virginia Tech at Miami – After two devastating upset losses in as many weeks, the Hokies are hoping, maybe even praying, to stop the skid. The problem this week is they are playing against a really tough Miami team on the road. Good luck but I’m thinking the Hurricanes have got this.

Penn St at Minnesota – This is really just a middle of the road game amongst two middle of the road teams this year. Both have had some shining moments this season not the least of which is Penn St even being able to field a team. Congrats to them both and may the best team win.

Nebraska at Michigan – Although Michigan St appears to be running away with the Legends division of the Big Ten, these two teams would like to say they were 2nd!

Ohio at Buffalo – see, this is what happens when you try and pick the ‘big’ game from the MAC! They play a game on a Tuesday night! What?! I was so embarrassed to find this out after the fact. Sorry ladies for this pick, just about all of us did not get our pick in for this so no big deal in the overall pool results this week.

Auburn at Tennessee – hard to know where to put this when UT plays some great games and some lousy games. But, since they are playing in Knoxville, we know UT gets up to play. Not sure where Denise will be on this game since both teams are orange, but I’m guessing she’ll be pulling for the Vols.

Troy at La. Lafayette – trying to be ‘inclusive’ this is our SunBelt game of the week!! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait for this game. You?

Week 11 Big Teams with Little Games

Like last week, a lot of teams are looking to ‘rest’ a bit going into their final big games and hopefully conference championship games by playing against a much lesser opponent. If any of them lose, not only is their reputation at stake but conference championship, BCS rankings, bowl game selections and prospect recruiting as well.

  • Louisville at Connecticut
  • Kansas St at Texas Tech
  • Kansas at Oklahoma St
  • Texas at West Virginia
  • UTEP at North Texas
  • Tulsa at East Carolina 
  • Fresno St at Wyoming
  • Arizona St at Utah
  • Missouri at Kentucky
  • Mississippi St at Texas A&M

That’s your college football schedule for week 11.