The first weekend of November is upon us, Fall is in the air, rivalry games are heating up, seasons are being made and being broken…ahh the joy of football. We hope you are getting into this sport a little more than you were at the start of the season. Let us know if you have a nagging question you need answered. We are happy to do so. Here is your…

College Football Schedule – Week 10

Week 10 Big Games – Out of Conference:

Navy at Notre Dame – This is the only out of conference game worth saying anything about this week. It’s only ‘out of conference’ because neither of these teams are in a conference. The whole “independent” thing drives me nuts and reminds me of the college fraternity / sorority days and folks who called themselves GDI’s. I think everyone should be in a conference because without it, there are all sorts of special rules for the BCS to determine who is worthy and who is not. Anyway, Notre Dame is favored by a lot but you never know when a team faces the awkward to defend triple option.

Week 10 Big Games – Within Conferences:

Florida vs Georgia This is a huge rivalry game and is probably one of the most fun traditions in all of college football. That is, it’s one of the best if you like to drink until you puke. I’ve never been to the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party but would like to do it at least once in my life. Have you ever gone? Tell us your favorite story. We’ll have a detailed write up on this in our rivalries of the week post.

Miami vs Florida St – this is one of the biggest games of the weekend and the biggest ACC game in, well, since the FSU Clemson game 2 weeks ago, but before that it had been years! Both teams are undefeated but the experts anticipate the Seminoles are going to spank the Hurricanes really something bad.

Michigan vs Michigan St – another huge rivalry game this week that we are writing about in our rivalry post coming out Friday. Michigan is right behind Michigan St in their side of the B1G conference so if they win, they’ll have a chance at coming back for the season.

Oklahoma St vs Texas Tech – Texas Tech lost their undefeated status last weekend but these two teams are in the top 5 of the Big 12 where it is theoretically still anybody’s conference to win.

Week 10 Big Teams with Little Games

There are a lot of games this week where teams are looking to gather some of their strength back, rest some players and get what they hope will be an easy ‘W’. Remember though, that’s “why they play the game”. Most of the games below are with top 25 ranked (highlighted in bold) teams playing a much lesser opponent. If any of them lose, that would be somewhat shocking and definitely an upset.

  • Virginia Tech vs Boston College – VaTech needs this to have any hope in the ACC. If Miami loses and they win, they’ll both be 4-2 in the conference and they have their head-to-head next week to probably settle the ACC Coastal division.
  • Clemson vs Virginia – Clemson has been struggling a bit of late so we’ll see if they get their act back together
  • Ohio St vs Purdue – this should be boring
  • Northern Illinois vs Massachusetts – this might not be a close game but watching the NIU quarterback is amazing
  • Nevada at Fresno St – Fresno St is trying to stay undefeated
  • Mississippi St at South Carolina – S.Carolina is trying to keep the door open to win the SEC East
  • Auburn at Arkansas – although it doesn’t look like Alabama will ever lose again, Auburn needs to keep winning just in case
  • Tennessee at Missouri – a must win for Missouri to own the SEC East
  • UTEP at Texas A&M – A&M and Johnny Football are always fun to watch even if it is going to be a boring game

That’s your college football schedule for week 10.

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