It’s almost here! College football season starts Thursday!! We want to make sure you are informed about what is going to be happening!!

The Big Game Week 1:

Alabama vs Virginia Tech (VaTech) – we will be posting the details about this matchup. This is huge!

Week 1 Big Games – Between Conferences:

  • Georgia (UGA) vs Clemson – not only is this a big game between the SEC and ACC, this is a huge rivalry between two schools who are in close proximity to each other. This game is probably just as big as the Alabama/VaTech game. Both teams are expected to do extremely well in their conferences. The outcome of this game will likely have big national championship repercussions.
  • University of North Carolina(UNC) vs University of South Carolina (USC) – The battle of the Carolinas! UNC is expected to be pretty good in the ACC but it won’t matter much as they are on probation and ineligible for a bowl. South Carolina has everything to lose in this game and UNC will have everything to gain.
  • Louisiana Southern University (LSU) vs Texas Christian University (TCU) – The TCU Horned Frogs have been really good the last few years. We’ll see how they do against the tigers but in the end, I anticipate the tigers having a frog leg dinner.
  • Penn State University vs Syracuse – Syracuse is in a new conference this year, the ACC. It will be interesting to see how Penn State does in their 2nd year with a new coach and hopefully with the Sandusky scandal behind them.

Week 1 Big Games – Within Conferences:

  • Florida State University (FSU) vs Pittsburg (Pitt) – This is Pitt’s first year in the ACC along with Syracuse. Will this be a new rivalry or just another game. Regardless, there are very few teams (well only 2) who are ‘man’ enough to start the season with a conference game.
  • University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) vs Vanderbilt (Vandy) – Well, neither of these teams are the stars of the SEC but you have to give them credit for an in-conference game.

There are many other games being played, but the vast majority of them are big ‘mismatches’ where a good team in a big conference plays a small team from a small conference. These can be called patsy’s or gimme’s or whatever you want. The home team is expected to win.

However, will they cover? We’ll explain that later!! There are always great upsets while these big teams work out the kinks of their new players, coaches, formations and strategies. Remember, college does not have a pre-season (aka Do-over) like the pros do. You come out not ready and you lose, well your hopes for a national championship are probably blown.

That’s why you can admire the teams that start the season with a bang!!

For the entire schedule of games, this site is good.

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