Ladies, if you are going to learn to love football, then you have to embrace the emotion and excitement that is best embodied in the deep roots of college football rivalries. Rivalry games and old-time tradition are the things that make college football different from every other sport at every other level.

One of the best rivalries in football is between the University of Southern California and Notre Dame.

Check out this video put together to help highlight the history of this great rivalry.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California

The Matchup: USC Trojans vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Date, Time and Location: October 19th @ 7:300 p.m. EST in South Bend, IN

Quite the Rivalry:  Some people are calling this the worst USC/Notre Dame matchup in history. Neither team is ranked. This is only the 10th time in the series history these teams will play each other with neither one being in the top 25. The teams are playing for pride on Saturday. 

The rivalry began in 1926 and is historically played the Saturday after Thanksgiving when it’s in Los Angeles and the 3rd Saturday in October when it’s in South Bend. I guess those Trojans don’t like being cold!!!

Here are a few important facts about the history you should know, courtesy of Derek Horner at the Bleacher Report…

  •  The Notre Dame/USC Rivalry was started after the Big Ten’s precursor, the Western Conference, restricted its member football programs from playing the Irish. The legend, however, is USC Athletic Director Gwynn Wilson’s wife persuaded Knute Rockne’s wife that a trip to sunny Los Angeles once every two years was a better option than visiting the snowy plains of Nebraska.
  • The reason USC fans celebrate by placing their fingers in a “V” stems from an old Trojan tradition of amputating the index finger and middle finger of the conquered to hinder their ability to shoot a bow and arrow. Afterwards, the Trojans would taunt their victims with the two-fingered “V,” as if to say, “Look what I have, and you don’t…”
  • Between the two programs, they have the most Heismans (Notre Dame 7, USC 6), players in the NFL Hall of Fame (Notre Dame 10, USC 11), and players drafted by the NFL (Notre Dame 469, USC 472) than any other rivalry in the country. Now THAT’s impressive!
  • Before USC’s seven game winning streak, beginning in 2002, the Irish led the rivalry 42 games to 25! Now, the Irish hold the lead with an overall record of 43-33-5, which compensates for the vacated win in 2005 – the infamous “Bush Push” game.

Who’s going to win on Saturday: As a Catholic and lifelong Notre Dame an, I have to choose The Irish to take the Trojans this year. Notre Dame is looking for its first home win against USC since 2001. They are favored by 3 going into the game. Besides, I always have a friendly “gift card” wager on this game with a friend of mine and I hate to lose!

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