This week might not have been the upset-o-rama that last week was, but it had its fair share and opened things up once again in a few conferences.

College Football Results Week 9:

Two more undefeated teams lost that status this week after receiving their first devastating loss (Missouri and Texas Tech), and after a impressive second half performance, Oregon leap frogged back over Florida State to take 2nd in the BCS standings again. As long as those two teams keep winning, they may just do that a couple of more times before the season is over.

The Upsets

  • Virginia Tech lost to Duke – The most shocking upset of the weekend was Duke beating Virginia Tech on the road in Blacksburg. Wow! I was at a party when I saw that flash on the screen. I repeated it to a couple of guys (one who went to Duke) and their mouths dropped open in shock. They wouldn’t believe me until they saw it for themselves.
  • South Carolina beat Missouri – yes, technically, this was an upset. Missouri has been on fire all season and has not been as plagued by the injuries of everyone else. However, it took bringing an ‘injured’ QB (Connor Shaw) off the bench to rally South Carolina to tie the game up and lead them to victory in a double overtime. Here is a great article that sums up the game.
  • Minnesota beat Nebraska – after 16 straight losses to Nebraska, Minnesota finally figured something out and beat the Cornhuskers Saturday. It seems as if this team has the “I think I can” spirit about them and they certainly did. They are now eligible to go to a bowl and will certainly have a nice season record.
  • Navy beat Pitt – Pitt was expected to win this game but were unable to handle Navy. The only thing Pitt has to be excited about is that they get to face a similar offense in Georgia Tech this upcoming weekend. Maybe they will have learned enough to stop them (of course, I hope not!!)
  • Houston beat Rutgers – Houston has the better record but was not expected to win. But Rutgers was flat and Houston was not. They had an impressive victory and improved their record to 6-1.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the expected winner won the game AND covered the point spread. 

  • Texas A&M vs Vandy – Well, with Vandy’s upset over Georgia last week, you could put this in the ‘not so obvious’ category. But, that would just be crazy! Johnny Manziel put up another game of very impressive stats and led the Aggies to a strong victory. I’m still trying to figure out how A&M has lost 2 games this year.
  • Alabama vs Tennessee – Kind of like the game above, you just never know in the SEC. However, Alabama was at home and their defense has gotten stronger every week. This team looks unstoppable right now. Denise made it very clear that I was wrong to pick UT in this game to keep it within the 28.5 point spread and she was right! I thought it would be a little closer than it was. Damn, that hurts to admit!!
  • Auburn vs Florida Atlantic – Duh!
  • Baylor vs Kansas – this was an obvious pick. Some were wondering if Baylor would put up 100 points on Kansas. I was certain they’d score another 70 point game but they only managed 59. What’s up with that?
  • Florida St vs NC State – Florida St and Jameis Winston are still schooling everyone they play. This upcoming weekend will be their next huge test with their in-state rival, Miami!!
  • UCF vs Connecticut – double duh!
  • Northern Illinois vs E Michigan – I love all these directional state teams. NIU and their QB (Jordan Lynch) is having an impressive season but this was just Eastern Michigan.
  • Oklahoma St vs Iowa St – do you like the underdog as much as I do (at least when they are not playing your own team). I feel bad when a 1-6 team continues to lose but I guess they could be 0-7!
  • Ohio St vs Penn St – With Penn State’s nice upset last week, I thought they might be able to keep this closer and maybe force OSU to not cover the spread. Wrong again! Ohio State stayed unbeaten and will likely continue to do so while the rest of the BCS gets jumbled up around them. They may just end up at the right place at the right time.
  • Louisville vs South Florida – triple dog duh!

The not so obvious picks:

  • Oregon over UCLA – Oregon was favored to win and win big. However, UCLA is no patsy. They played a really tough first half and, well, then Oregon showed up and blew out the scoreboard. This win made the computers think twice about moving Oregon to 3rd last week and put them back at #2.
  • Stanford over Oregon St – This game could have been anyone’s. It was a hard fought battle but Stanford came out on top yet again. They still don’t control their destiny and are praying the Ducks falter at some point in the season but time is running out.
  • BYU over Boise St – Man! What has gotten into BYU!? These guys are acting like they are on a mission to right a season that was starting so wrong. They look great and I’m sure they wish they could turn back time and actually show up to that first game of the season against Virginia.
  • Texas beat TCU – Texas continues to look good after their slow start too. Makes you wonder if these rumors of Mack Brown getting fired and Nick Saban moving to Texas can possibly be true anymore.
  • Iowa over Northwestern – Talking about a season flip flop, Northwestern went really quickly from ‘first to worst’ with 4 losses in a row to now just being 4-4. Wow! That hurts.
  • Oklahoma beat Texas Tech  – The Red Raiders of Texas Tech just did not have enough in the gas tank to stick with Oklahoma this weekend. Let’s hope they don’t let the wheels come off and go on a big losing streak but the way their season has been stacked, it’s extremely possible they’ll lose  2 or 3 of their last 4 games.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • LSU beat Furman (47.5) 48-16 – Of course LSU won but they did not put up the points.
  • Clemson beat Maryland (14.5) 40-27 – Well, I guess the middle Maryland showed up on Saturday. Not the ones that can beat most teams and not the ones who can get spanked 0-63.
  • Miami beat Wake Forest (20.5) 24-21 – But just barely. Perhaps they were resting players to get ready for their game of the season this upcoming weekend when they play in-state and in-conference rival, Florida State, who they just may have to place twice since VaTech lost to Duke, giving Miami the ability to control its destiny to go to the ACC Championship game.
  • Fresno St vs San Diego St (9.5) 35-28 – SDSU played the Bulldogs well but just could not finish in overtime. Fresno St remains undefeated and is poised to win their side of the MWC.

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