College Football Results Week 12:

A great weekend of games all across the country. Several big upsets that changed both the national picture and the conference picture, especially the ACC.

Wow! Duke! Who would have ever thought that coming into the season. I lost a special person in my life this past spring. A big Duke fan! I am confident she is up there calling some audibles for Duke this season.

Georgia! How did you let that amazing comeback slip away. This is flag football 101! Read on if you want to know why.

week 12 college football results

Grant Halverson / Getty Images

The Upsets

  • USC beat Stanford – So Stanford came into this game after just knocking off Oregon the week before. We all knew Stanford had a bit of Jekyll and Hyde in them (e.g. losing to Utah), but we also knew they can play with anyone in the country. Well, maybe it was the hangover from the big win, maybe Dr. Jekyll drank the wrong Gatorade. I don’t know. Somehow, USC found the heart deep within to pull this off. They’re finishing the season strong after firing their head coach earlier in the season. Very impressive. Typically, when a coach comes in mid-season like this, the team just quietly finishes their season. Not these kids. Not this coach.
  • Duke beat Miami – I’m still stunned about this one. My team (Georgia Tech) didn’t seem to have any real problem getting a nice big W against Duke. So, how is it they beat VaTech and Miami?!?! I’m not sure but I kind of like it. Duke enters the AP top 25 at 25 for the first time this year but still have not cracked that status for the lifetime history of the BCS. Maybe next week? Although, if Duke holds on by beating Wake and UNC, I don’t envy them going up against FSU in the ACC championship. Yowser, that will leave a mark.
  • Maryland beat VaTech – What on Earth?!?! VaTech was on the wrong side of two upsets and then had a strong victory against Miami last weekend. So, how did they come back after than and lose to Maryland?! Miami is just very up and down this year. Seems like a shame and a waste of talent.

The obvious picks:

  • Baylor beat Texas Tech – Another 60+ point game for the Bears. Texas Tech is having a rough end to what seemed like a promising season. I still have a bit of a quarterback crush on Petty and am hoping to see Baylor end the season undefeated. This stellar performance propelled Baylor over Ohio State in the AP poll but not yet in the BCS.
  • Clemson beat Georgia Tech – This is no surprise to any of the experts but as a fan of GaTech, I was hoping this would be our big game of the year. The good thing for Tech, it forced us to open up our passing game and we certainly knocked off the cobwebs from that part of the playbook. The good news for Clemson is a long list but suffice it to say that Tajh Boyd (QB) broke some big time records, his receivers are amazing and the defense is formidable.
  • Florida St beat Syracuse – nothing to say hear but my favorite expression,  ‘Duh!”. The important thing for FSU is Jameis was able to set aside the unexpected and unfortunate limelight shining on him from the resurfacing of the December 2012 sexual assault case. No further comment.
  • Northern Illinois over Ball St – Would it be insensitive to end this with a ‘duh’ also?
  • Oregon beat Utah – you know Oregon would do anything to have that loss against Stanford back now that Stanford faltered again. The good news for Oregon is that they are back on top of the PAC-12 North.
  • Nothing to say about these as they were all just a bit too obvious:
    • Michigan beat Northwestern
    • Oklahoma over Iowa St
    • Rice beat Louisiana Tech
    • Wisconsin beat Indiana

The not so obvious picks:

  • Auburn beat Georgia – Why did this happen? A lot of the experts were predicting UGA to pull off this ‘upset’. Especially since several key players were back after injuries. UGA started slow / Auburn started strong. We thought the game was over early but UGA found a way to come back.  So, now I have to jump on the “Why?!??!” bandwagon. I’ve played a lot of football. Even in flag football, we always talked about the reality of the situation we would find ourselves in when on defense. There was always the situation where you knew that if the opportunity presented itself to you for an interception, you DID NOT TAKE IT. There are lots of times when the best action is ‘inaction’. Saturday for the two defensive backs of UGA, the inaction was knocking the ball down and playing the Safety position. If either of those guys had followed the playbook, UGA would have won that game. Instead, both of them did not do what they were supposed to do. One went for the interception and one did not stay behind the receiver and played the ball instead. I was watching the game with my husband and friends and smacked the couch I was sitting in so hard I bruised my hand. Shhh. Don’t let any of my Tech friends know I cheer that hard for UGA every Saturday except Thanksgiving Saturday.
  • Michigan St beat Nebraska –  I was so hoping Nebraska would pull this one out. They were certainly capable but Michigan St did their job.
  • Oklahoma St beat Texas – Texas has been on fire. Mack Brown evidently really wants to keep his job. However, the Cowboys of OSU were able to round up the Longhorns and take care of business. They now lead Texas (and rightfully so) in the Big 12 but both are behind the undefeated and apparently unstoppable Baylor Bears.
  • UCLA beat Washington – now UCLA needs to win the head-to-head next week against Arizona State to hopefully wrap up the PAC-12 South. A lot of excitement and movement in the PAC-12 this year.
  • Arizona lost to Washington State – This is technically an upset because someone had to be favored, but both of these teams are middle of the road PAC 12 teams. Both have had nice wins and their fair share of losses. Washington St ended their 3 game losing streak for a solid road game victory.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Alabama over Mississippi (25.5) 20-7 – why can’t the #1 team in the country cover a spread against a vastly inferior team!
  • Arizona St beat Oregon St (13.5) 30-17
  • Ohio St beat Illinois (32.5) 60-36 – at least OSU put up 60 pts even if they did not cover the ridiculous 32.5 pt spread
  • South Carolina beat Florida (13.5) 19-14 – this is one of those games Denise and I wish both teams could lose
  • Kansas St over TCU (10.5) 33-31 – wishing one of our favorite people’s team could have pulled this out
  • Louisville beat Houston (16.5) 20-13 – I still think Louisville is a joke
  • UCF beat Temple (16.5) 39-36 – that was a close one for the best team in the AAC against the worst team in the AAC. Someone fell asleep on the job

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