College Football Results Week 11:Alabama vs LSU 2013

We cannot wait to see the final BCS results from the weekend. Let’s concentrate on what we know. We already know Oregon will fall hard. We also know Virginia Tech shook the Coastal Division of the ACC up so hard that a Yellow Jacket landed on top. We likely know Florida is going to make some drastic changes. We know Alabama and Florida State control their destinies and Alabama’s will be a lot harder to make come true. We know Bryce Petty is going to be hard to ignore for the Heisman Trophy.

The Upsets

  • Oregon lost to Stanford – This was an incredible matchup between two very different teams. In the end, Stanford’s size and strength won out against Oregon’s speed and fancy uniforms. Oregon tried to make it close in the end, but just did not have enough time to make it happen.
  • Vanderbilt beat Florida – the battle of the 500 teams resulted in a surprising, even shocking Vandy victory over the Gators, in the Swamp (first win their for them since 1945)! You expect Vandy to be at the ‘bottom’ of the SEC but no one is used to seeing Florida in the middle of the pack. There are a lot of people that could get used to such a thing.
  • Virginia Tech beat Miami – Wow! After two horrifying losses in a row, VaTech figured some things out and beat the snot out of Miami. In doing so, they turned the Coastal division of the ACC upside down and left my Yellow Jackets up on top! I love it!! At least I love it for the next few days until Tech plays Clemson on Thursday. VaTech should win the ACC Coastal but I don’t envy them to have to play FSU.
  • Nebraska beat Michigan – Nebraska is wishing they had that Minnesota game back about right now.  A really strong victory against Michigan in the Big House (109,000+ capacity).
  • Pitt beat Notre Dame – What?!?! The continually overrated Notre Dame who started overrated, showed their true colors early in the season but somehow became overrated again just decided to show who they really are one more time.
  • Kansas St beat Texas Tech – the spread on this game was small, so the experts predicted it would be close but thought Texas Tech would come out the victor. I thought the Red Raiders were going to blow out Kansas St. Dang! I hate when I’m wrong (which by the way, this weekend I was wrong a lot!!).

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the expected winner won the game AND covered the point spread.

  • Alabama beat LSU – For most people, including me, this should be in the ‘not so obvious pick’ category. However, for the sake of my friendship with Denise, I decided I should put this here. It was close for 3 quarters of play and LSU had some lost opportunities. In the end, the Tide prevailed and dis so in style, all culminating in a little bity man jumping into the arms of his QB. What a site!
  • Florida St beat Wake Forest – Of course they did, but once again, they did it with flare by winning 59-3, thus sending the Demon Deacons running and crying home to their mommies.
  • Baylor beat Oklahoma – this is one of those that ‘theoretically’ could have gone either way, but Baylor is really a very legitimate team again this year. They’ve figured out the way to get amazing quarterbacks to come to this little Baptist college in Texas. The touch Petty puts on the ball is a thing of beauty. He is my front-runner for the Heisman with Famous Jameis right on his heels.
  • Missouri beat Kentucky – I was worried for Mizzou that this might be the game they let too much of their guard down on, but not even close. For all the negative talk about Missouri and Texas A&M joining the SEC and how they’d never be able to compete, I guess those naysayers are quiet now.
  • Buffalo beat Ohio – I’m still in protest about this game being played on a Tuesday that I’m just not going to say anything about it.
  • Auburn beat Tennessee – and did so in style, even on Tennessee’s home turf and 100,000+ fans. The rest of Alabama was cheering hard for Tennessee to pull off an upset but it just wasn’t to be. Auburn still must face Alabama in the Iron Bowl which is sure to be one helluva game.
  • ECU beat Tulsa – East Carolina just about locked up the East division of C-USA. Woo hoo! I love purple on a football team. I know, I just don’t have much to say about this game.
  • Texas beat West Virginia – This was a lot closer than I thought it would be but Texas continues to make those who called for Mack Brown’s head on a platter to eat some crow.
  • Minnesota beat Penn St – Congratulations on a great victory. You just won the Governor’s Victory Bell Trophy! Wait, stop, don’t do that. What are you a bunch of kids, crazy with excitement that you can’t treat this with a little more tenderness? So much for that idea to give this award to the winner of the game. I guess 4 Big Ten victories in a row will do that to you.
  • North Texas beat UTEP – UTEP got slammed around by A&M last weekend and North Texas this weekend. Makes you feel a little sorry for them.
  • Oklahoma St beat Kansas – and yet another, of course they did moment.
  • Fresno St beat Wyoming – The Bulldogs stayed undefeated with this strong win over Wyoming. Good for them. Staying in the top 16 in the BCS will help ensure they go to a great bowl.

The not so obvious picks:

  • UCLA beat Arizona – This was predicted to be a close game and it was. UCLA pulled it out in the end and now awaits for Arizona St to falter.
  • Wisconsin beat BYU – Wisconsin was favored but BYU had been looking really strong as the season has gone on. Once again, I was wrong to predict this to go BYU’s way but I’m going to put this in the ‘not so obvious’ category to make me feel better about my decision.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Louisville beat UConn (28.5) 31-10 – I know 28 points is a lot to cover, but seriously?! It’s UConn! A team that doesn’t even try to pretend they are something they are not. They have a perfect losing record and Louisville, supposedly ranked #13 in the country, cannot put up more than 31 points on them? Louisville is a joke.
  • Texas A&M beat Mississippi St (19.5) 51-41 – Manziel is still amazing to watch. He had another 5 TD’s and nearly a 500yd passing game, but he also had 3 interceptions. He is not up to repeat with another Heisman Trophy victory since A&M has 2 losses but that doesn’t seem to bother him, or does it! There was so much discussion about this being Johnny’s last game in College Station since he is draft eligible after the season. It seems the timing would be perfect as A&M sets to transform their stadium to allow them to transform even further by starting fresh without being in the shadow of Johnny Football too.
  • UCF beat Houston – (10.5) 19-14 – now UCF sits alone on top of the American Athletic Conference.
  • Arizona St beat Utah (7.5 ) 20-19 – Arizona St barely pulled this one out. The good news in this narrow victory goes to Stanford, whose loss to Utah doesn’t look quite as bad as it did before Saturday. ASU controls their destiny to face the winner of the PAC-12 North.
  • La.Lafayette beat Troy (13.5) 41-36 – I’d love to say something pithy, smart, funny, clever, or what have you but I know absolutely nothing about these teams.

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