Only one undefeated team lost that status this weekend so we are down to 7. There will be some more that drop, it’s just a matter of who. Of the top 4, Alabama has the most difficult schedule remaining still having to play Auburn, LSU and probably the SEC Championship game. Yikes!!

college football results week 10

College Football Results Week 10:

Only 2 ‘upsets’ this week so pretty boring from that standpoint but this is a week where a lot of teams were looking to get a bit of ‘rest’ heading into the last few games of the season, so it is not surprising. In fact, because of the type of games this weekend, I went with a 100% pick all the favorites football pool strategy and ended with a 16-9 record.

The Upsets

  • Virginia Tech lost to Boston College– Two weeks in a row, Virginia Tech finds themselves on the wrong side of the upsets section. Last week Duke, this week BC. Who knew. I guess when you get beaten by Duke when you are supposed to be the top of your conference division, you just curl up in the fetal position and cry for your mommy. It’s hard to play football in the fetal position.
  • Minnesota beat Indiana– was this really an upset? Indiana was favored by 10.5 points but I have no idea why. Do you? Clue me in.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the expected winner won the game AND covered the point spread.

  • Texas A&M vs UTEP – That’s not shocking! Manziel got another 6 TD’s too. For all his crazy summer hype, he is just keeping his head down and playing right now.
  • Arizona St vs Washington St – Washington St was trucking right along for quite a bit but they are 0-3 in their last 3 games. Oh well. Easy come – easy go.
  • Auburn vs Arkansas – Also not very shocking here but SEC games are always scary to play because you just never know.
  • Clemson vs Virginia – Again, an obvious pick for obvious reasons. Poor Virginia is 0 and 5 in the ACC.
  • Northern Illinois vs Massachusetts – We all knew UMass did not have a chance against Lynch and N.Illinois and I was pretty close to picking the 70 points I thought they score (63, so close!)
  • Ohio St vs Purdue – It’s just too bad the B1G is really no good this year. OSU is having a great season and is still undefeated (21 straight wins now!) but their ‘strength of schedule’ just stinks.
  • South Carolina vs Mississippi St – Another SEC game that has to be played and S.Carolina took care of business to keep themselves alive in the SEC poised and ready for another Missouri loss, if that is ever to happen.
  • Wisconsin vs Iowa – Wisconsin looked good against the Hawkeyes and will certainly move up in the rankings but they really have no chance of winning their conference since OSU is just not going to lose twice.

The not so obvious picks:

  • Florida St vs Miami – you could say this was an obvious pick. The spread of 21.5 points indicated it was an obvious pick. But, there is really nothing obvious about 2 undefeated, conference and in-state rivals going at it. Those are the games where the underdog rises up….just not this time. Famous Jameis does it again with a whole lot of help from the stellar FSU defense.
  • Georgia vs Florida – This is a fun game to watch and this one did not disappoint. It looked like UGA was going to run away with it with Gurley back on the field doing just that. But then they slowed down and let Florida back in it. It was a nail biter to the end but Georgia held them off. Whew! Made for a happy afternoon for me as I dragged my husband away from the end of this game to my Yellow Jackets.
  • Missouri vs Tennessee – Wow! Missouri ripped UT apart. I guess they are not as good as they looked against the battered and beaten up Georgia Bulldogs. I’m still in shock that Missouri only has the 1 loss.
  • Oklahoma St vs Texas Tech – I was certain Texas Tech would win this one and I hate to be wrong. The Red Raiders got spanked, and spanked hard by the Cowboys.
  • USC vs Oregon St – even the all orange uniforms OSU was sporting could not keep a pack of Trojans from being a little rough on the Beavers.
  • Boise St vs Colorado St – Boise St is looking good and appears to be on a crash course for a rematch against Fresno St in their championship game. Revenge is fun!
  • Georgia Tech vs Pitt – I was at this game cheering on my Yellow Jackets. The game was slow at times but GaTech came through in the end with a solid game, overcoming a couple of turnovers to get the ‘W’. Congrats on your Homecoming victory!!
  • Michigan St vs Michigan – This was supposed to be close and it was for the first quarter or so. The Spartans then got rolling and rolled all over the Wolverines. Before going to the GT game, I was at a sports bar with a lot of Michigan fans. One guy had a shirt that said “Population 109,000” and change (can’t remember exact number). That’s how big the Big House is!! Wow!!
  • North Texas vs Rice – this was our shout out to the leaders of C-USA West Division duking it out for who will go to their championship game. N Texas is sitting pretty and controlling their destiny now.
  • North Carolina beat NC State – Why did I put this boring game in the pool? Because there were a lot of boring games this weekend.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Texas beat Kansas (28.5) 35-13 – 28.5 points is a lot, even for a good team. They almost made it.
  • UCLA beat Colorado (27.5) 45-23 – Still a fair beating by UCLA just not 27.5 points worth.
  • Notre Dame beat Navy (16.5) 38-34 – ND just barely squeezed by Navy to get this victory in the battle of the GDI’s.
  • Fresno St vs Nevada (20.5) 41-23 – Fresno keeps their undefeated record and will likely move up in the rankings some again this week.
  • Nebraska vs Northwestern (7.5) 27-24 – Poor Northwestern. 4-0 start. 0-5 down the stretch. I’m sure they are hoping for a good run at the end to at least take something positive out of this season. Losing to a last second Hail Mary is just not going to give them any warm and fuzzies. That’s 55 yards in the air. Amazing.

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