Congratulations again to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner who won our pool this week. I just love saying that name!

Explanation of results:

Each week we want to provide some insights into why certain picks were great and not so great to help you get better at this thing. Of course, there will always be the crazy upset that no one predicts but hopefully you’ll pick up something here and there. Let’s get to it.

The obvious picks:

These are the games where the winning team should have one and should have covered and they did! Most of these teams had grossly inferior opponents so I’m not going to go into each of these.

  • Auburn over Arkansas State
  • Boise State over Tennessee Martin
  • LSU over UAB
  • Nebraska over Southern Miss
  • Northwestern over Syracuse
  • Oregon over Virginia – the spread on this was only 22.5 points. Oregon almost always puts up over 50 points so winning by 22.5 is actually fairly reasonable for them until they play a tougher opponent
  • Ohio State over San Diego State – sorry to Denise’s husband who went to SDSU but I don’t think he thought they’d beat OSU either.
  • Penn St over Eastern Michigan – this Penn State team continues to impress me. They are playing with a whole lot of heart, but this was still just Eastern Michigan
  • Clemson beats South Carolina State – sometimes you can expect a team to squeak by the week after a huge win due to the emotional swing. This is where you have to think about the team and the coach. Dabo Swinney is not the type to let his players have an emotional break. He is going to get them up for every game.
  • Wisconsin beats Tennessee Tech

The not so obvious picks:

Georgia beat South Carolina – This was an incredible game to watch. These coaches went at it and Mark Richt got the better of Steve Spurrier. Did you see the ‘meeting’ of the coaches at mid-field after the game? Those guys must not care for each other because they did the obligatory walk to the middle and then just walked past each other. Congratulation to Aaron Murray for getting the chicken, I mean monkey, off his back of not being able to beat SC or top ranked teams.
Michigan beats Notre Dame – This was a fun game to watch. A lot of back and forth between two old rivals in their ‘last’ match-up in the Big House. It did not disappoint unless you are a ND fan (sorry Denise).
Boston College over Wake Forest – This is one of those games that could have gone either way. The spread was close, the game was not so close.
Illinois over Cincinnati – definitely an either way kind of game.

Where the spread bit you

All of these favored teams won their match-ups but did not cover the spread.

  • Louisville beats E. Kentucky (40.5) 44-7 – they almost covered so I’m not going to beat myself up over this one but whenever the spread is over 40 points, you should seriously consider taking the underdog.
  • Oregon State beat Hawaii (27.5) 33-14
  • TCU beats Southeastern-LA (42.5) 38-17 – another surprising team to not cover against Southeaster Louisiana. Really?!
  • Michigan State over S. Florida  (23.5) 21-6
  • Texas A&M beat Sam Houston (45.5) 65-28 – This one surprised me. Manziel looked good for the one half he was allowed to play last week so I thought they’d cover this one. Clearly, the A&M defense has some work to do if they let Sam Houston State put up 28 points on them.
  • Stanford over San Jose St (25.5) 34-13 – Another surprising one for me but this was Stanford’s opening game
  • Oklahoma State beat UTSA (26.5) 56-35 – another surprising defensive failure for me. Who on earth would think that UTSA would put up 35 points against a team, any team, let alone Oklahoma State!
  • Oklahoma beat W. Virginia (20.5) 16-7 – Oklahoma clearly did not have a good outing on this one, offensively or defensively. This is a team to try and remember this when picking next week. Maybe their offense is just not going to put up a lot of points.

The Upsets

BYU over Texas – people thought this would be a relatively close game at only a 7.5 point spread but a BYU victory? Not many saw this coming. Now, the Alabama faithfuls are scared to death on the rumors that Nick Saban may entertain the idea of becoming the head coach at UT. The rest of the SEC would love that but not so much for the Big 12 who would hate to see Saban join Texas. 

Miami over Florida – These big in-state rivals went at it and somehow Miami shocked the gator nation with a big win. Lots of gator haters out there were ecstatic. The orange haters out there would have like to have seen both of these teams lose. Regardless, this is another big ACC over SEC victory after last year where the ACC did so poorly against the SEC.

Washington St over USC – Southern Cal is in for a long season in the PAC-12 if they are going to barely beat Hawaii and lose to Washington State. What is going on with their offense. Remember this when making your future picks.

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