Wow! What a great week. Some of you ladies should play the line in Vegas if you keep up these results 😉

Winners for the week:

We have 3 players who are 16-9. That’s amazing! Congratulations to:

  • eyjohns
  • Dawgirl
  • dabears42

We have 9 players at 15-10 which is also amazing. Everyone who got their picks in is within 8 games of the lead. Trust me, this is a long season and there is plenty of time to catch up and win this thing so keep at it.

Explanation of results:

Each week we want to provide some insights into why certain picks were great and not so great to help you get better at this thing. Of course, there will always be the crazy upset that no one predicts but hopefully you’ll pick up something here and there. Let’s get to it.

The obvious picks:

FSU over Pitt – even being at Pitt, there is a lot of talk about FSU out there being the one of the top of the ACC with an amazing quarterback. All of that was true last night.

Michigan pummeled Central Michigan, no surprise there.

Northwestern beating California is really not surprise. Cal has a long way to go to be a better team.

Oklahoma over La-Monroe – ’nuff said

Oklahoma St over Miss. St – remember the point about never picking Miss St?

Oregon over Nicholls St – Oregon almost always has a huge score so the spread on this one should not have intimidated.

South Carolina beating North Carolina- Spurrier is relentless

Texas over New Mexico St

UCLA over Nevada

Louisville over Ohio – this was not Ohio St, look closely at the names 😉

Wisconsin over Massachusetts

The not so obvious picks:

Alabama over Virginia Tech – yes, Alabama should win but the spread was 19.5. Alabama covered but playing the strategy that they would not was not such a bad choice.

Clemson beats Georgia – Georgia was favored by a field goal but lost by one instead. Everyone thought this would be a tight game and it was. Don’t beat yourself up for missing this one.

Colorado beat Colorado State as they should have but people thought it would be closer than it was. If you picked the home team thinking they would have the slight advantage in a close game, not a bad choice but it did not work out this time.

LSU over TCU – this could have gone a lot of ways. No worries if you missed this point.

Mississippi beat Vandy but this could also have gone either way too.

Texas A&M beats Rice but with Johnny Manziel not playing the first half, picking Rice is not embarrassing.

Washington over Boise St – Boise was ranked and Washington was not.

Where the spread bit you

Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover over Buffalo – lesson to learn – 35.5 points is a lot to cover for a team. Think twice before picking the favorite  in that situation.

Southern Cal over Hawaii – I thought for sure USC would cover the 22.5 points. Oops.

Notre Dame did not stomp all over Temple like they should have.

Florida did not crush Toledo but that probably had more to do with the large number of suspensions on UF.

Auburn did not beat Washington St badly enough. There was a lot of talk that AU was going to be big again this year but maybe not?

Nebraska did not cover against Wyoming but this is a pretty big rivalry game and Wyoming is no push over for such a large spread (28.5 pts)

The Upsets

Eastern Washington beats Oregon State – who saw that coming?

There were many upsets this weekend but they were not in our pool. For more on the week 1 recap, check this out.

Who We Picked

This is pretty neat. It shows the percentage of us that picked different teams (the orange bar). These are my (Melissa’s) not so fantastic results. I got bit by the spread in several games and yes, Denise, I picked against Alabama!!

In our pool, we did not have any match-ups where at least one person did not pick a team. That’s interesting. A lot of folks playing against the odds.

week 1 results

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