“It’s easy to be 3 and 0 when all you’ve played are little girl prep schools.”

Here are the college football pickup lines for this week!!

“What has happened to the SEC when Tennessee vs Florida and Auburn vs LSU are not considered really big games.”

“Boilermakers and cheese heads battling it out in Wisconsin. Let’s hope the refs don’t miss the call and screw Wisconsin again this week.”

“All I’ve got to say about this weekend is Fargo, North Dakota!? Really?!”

“I’m starting to think Arkansas actually has some razors on the backs of their running backs the way these guys are racking up the yards!”

“How is it possible that Alabama has the least amount of yards of everyone in the SEC and are 3rd from the bottom in yards per game?” (this one will make you sound smart and no one will believe you but it is true).”

We hope you enjoy these college football pick-up lines for week 4. Got your own? Comment and share with the rest of us. We can all use a good laugh!

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