Here are the coveted college football pick up lines for the week! Some are funny, some will help you fake it. Have fun and tell us the ones you hear!

“I wish Nike would give me as much money to by new clothes every week like they give Oregon to buy new uniforms.”

“I hope we have another crazy weekend like last weekend, so long as <insert your team or your man’s team here> doesn’t partake in the craziness.”

“Who’s going to win the fashion vs grunge game?” (aka UCLA vs Oregon)

“Auburn and LSU have ‘girlie-bye’ weeks (aka – playing some low end school), so maybe the SEC can hold down the number of upsets this weekend.”

“I’ll bet you <insert dollar amount here> Baylor scores at least 70 points, again!!”

“Do you think one of the AAC teams (UCF, Louisville, or Houston) will hold on to a top 16 ranking and have a shot at a BCS bowl game?” [this isn’t sexy but it will show you know a ton about this messed up system]

“Aflac! Quack! Quack!

“Which Maryland do you think will show up against Clemson this weekend? The 0-63 team or the ones who can actually play!”

“Do you think Famous Jameis is ever going to show his Achilles heel? That kid is amazing!”

“What do you think about the rumors that Ohio State will be in the BCS championship game since their schedule is so easy they are likely to be the only ‘real’ team to remain undefeated?”


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