College football uniforms are getting more and more crazy every year. They are also getting further and further away from what many think of as ‘tradition’.

There is one thing special about college football different from every other sport out there and that is the decades old traditions carried out week after week, season after season. But, do the actual traditional colors and traditional uniforms really matter? Should the schools keep up with the times, fashions, fads, etc?

We want you to tell us what you think about the different types of helmets being used by college football teams. You have the uber traditional teams whose helmets really have not changed in 100 years and the ones that are mixing it up a bit with really shiny or completely flat colors. And then you have the ones that are putting some of the most bizarre patterns on their helmets. Tell us what college football helmet style you like and share this on facebook so we can get a lot of votes!

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