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This is not your father's hall of fame! The College Football Hall of Fame Exhibits are interactive, current, full of technology and, the best part, customized to you. That's right, customized! The Hall is not just dominated by the Power 5 conferences and is most certainly not dominated by just the SEC. Yes, some exhibits do feature large schools with great football programs, but that is not the essence of the Hall exhibits. EVERY single college with a football team is represented here. Yes, EVERY is in all caps because it is EVERY single college football program in the country. It all starts with the Fan Access Pass and your favorite team! In this article we will walk you through the College Football Hall of Fame exhibits one by one and give you a brief feel for what you'll find. We hope you enjoy this on-line tour!  


We can't really give you the inside scoop until we tell you about this ingenious fan access pass. Your ticket comes equipped with an RFID, essentially a microchip that emits who you are and where you are in the Hall. As you venture through the exhibits, many of them will customize to your team as you walk by. For example, when you are in the Quad looking at the Helmet Wall, your team's helmet lights up...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of your visit, you can access all of your customized material from home and share it with your friends (and rivals....this is college football after all)!

exhibits in the hall of fame

Don't forget to look down while you are in the Quad and read the greatest quotes attributed to college football. They are sure to inspire whether on the field, in the boardroom or at your next PTA meeting.



The entire Hall is built around a 45 yard football field where you can interact and see yourself on the jumbotron. When you run through the tunnel to get on the field, be sure to check out some of the best traditions in all of college football like touching the rock at Clemson, patting the Play Like a Champion sign at Notre Dame or holding hands in brotherhood at Michigan.



You have to see this to believe it. It's a 52 foot long interactive media wall that shows plays, teams, bands, and clips of games. All teams are represented, so don't think this is just an SEC or ACC lovefest - it's not. What's really incredible is the wall is updated each week with the previous week's games. Again...GENIUS! Up to 13 individual access passes can be read at the same time with custom content and fans can interact like a touch screen but you don't have to touch. Just get close, the lasers will pick up your movement like you are in a futuristic sci-fi movie. In that same area, there are trophy cases with many examples of the numerous trophies. It was our first look at the new College Football Championship trophy. If you have read our post in the past, you will see that we aren't big fans of the new trophy and really prefer the traditional crystal ball. However, seeing the trophy close up, it's not as offensive. We still can't imagine players and coaches holding it over their heads in victory come January 2015, but it's better than we thought it would be. When we asked where the crystal ball was, we were told "It's in the archives." The BCS can gladly be in the archives, but bring us the crystal ball. It would look perfect as our dining room centerpiece.



If this doesn't pump you up, we don't know what will. It shows a short 10 minute film keepting you wanting more...or at least for game day to get here ASAP! I looked over at Melissa during the opening of the film and she was about to cry! Seriously. It will definitely get your emotions flying. You feel like a player running out of the tunnel on game day and scoring that last minute touchdown to win the game. We can only imagine what that must really be like but this film gave us a pretty good feel.


This exhibit chronicles the football experience from the view point of the game's biggest fans. This is where kids of all ages can do an interactive face painting (again, your access badge will have your team colors and logos ready for you). You can also sing your school's fight song and download your video later. We did everyone a favor and passed on this little activity. There is College Hall of Famean area that highlights bands and cheerleaders as well. There are cartoons on the wall of coaches and their famous sayings, as well as an interactive geared to kids that can help put their team in the lead for the day. You can also participate in a College Game Day sportscast! Denise was even able to get Melissa to agree to put the elephant head on!



This gallery is dedicated to showing the sacrifices and commitment made by student athletes and coaches. Definitely an exhibit right up Melissa's alley!



This is the rivalry section. What is more fun than a heated rivalry between teams? It's the tradition that makes this game so great and the rivalries, old and new. One of the highlighted rivalries was the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. Naturally, the Georgia and Georgia Tech rivalry was not there. As Melissa's husband likes to say (who went to UGA), "Georgia may be Tech's biggest rival but Tech is far from being Georgia's biggest rival."


This section of the building pays tribute to those who have achieved accolades on the field, as well as going on to make a real difference off the field as well. We were running out of time and did not get to see much here so it will definitely be on our tour stop when we return with our families! What greater gift can you give a child than to be able to lead with integrity.


On the 3rd floor is the actual hall of fame. There are interactive boards where you can search by name, position or team for all the inductees. The laser screens and interactive movement are awesome and keep you interested in the information presented as well as being a very efficient use of space. Don't forget to take a peak out the window of the 'football' part of the building.

Inductees in College football hall of fame

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