This will most certainly be another great weekend in college football as the race to lead conferences continues to play out. More undefeated teams will fall and perhaps some clarity will be gained in some of the conferences. Elsewhere, perhaps more uncertainty. Only the end of the day will tell.

So, what do you need to know about the games this weekend so you can look like you know what’s going on? Here are the top stories!

College Football Conversation Starters

#1 The top story of the weekend, unfortunately, is the suspension of Georgia’s top running back, Todd Gurley. He was suspended indefinitely on Thursday for violating NCAA rules which we have now found out was essentially selling his autograph to sports memorabilia dealers….oh yea, allegedly selling. The dirty details that some folks won’t know and plays out like a soap opera are that one of the dealers he was selling to found out Gurley was also selling to other dealers and was thus lowering his prices (supply and demand). The dealer ratted him out including video of him signing stuff to ESPN. Oh, but the ‘dun dun dun’ moment at the commercial break of the soap opera is finding out the memorabilia dealer is a …..dun dun dun…a Florida fan!!! Word on the street is that he has lawyered up…hope he also has some body guards.

But seriously though, why can’t he own his name and his legend!?

#2 On another ‘negative’ note, two of the top three Florida schools have/had their quarterbacks under review for alleged sexual assault cases. The freshman QB who brought Florida back to a narrow victory last weekend was accused of sexual assault the next day and suspended. Now, the female has ‘withdrawn’ her complaint.

#3 Will the state of Mississippi continue its attempt to unseat the state of Alabama? Miss St is playing Auburn. Ole Miss is playing Texas A&M. Both are huge games (see below) but the conversation about Mississippi will be prevalent this weekend.

Top College Football Games of the Weekend

Georgia vs Missouri – both teams are ranked. Last year, Missouri upset Georgia who was playing without Todd Gurley. This year, again, no Gurley on the field. This will certainly show whether or not Georgia truly is a one-man show and if their quarterback, Hutson Mason, can step up and do more than just “manage the game”. Use that phrase and you’ll be sure to impress some folks.

TCU vs Baylor – two of the lesser known Texas teams who have had a lot of time in the spotlight in recent years are both ranked again this year. This will be a pride of Texas game and is sure to be ‘bigger’ than your average game….it is in Texas you know.

Oregon vs UCLA – a nice PAC-12 game between two ranked teams will be a big game and fun to watch. It’s always fun to see how Oregon is dressed. With Gurley potentially out of the Heisman race, perhaps the Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will get a leg up with a big game.

Mississippi State


Auburn vs Mississippi State – this will be a battle between two unbeaten SEC teams on the same side of the conference. One will clearly come out 6-0 and the other 5-1. How far will the loser of these two teams fall? Will the state of Mississippi continue to attempt to unseat the state of Alabama? This will be an amazing game to watch, at least I hope it will be!

Mississippi vs Texas A&M – another great game in the SEC West. Mississippi is 5-0 and is looking to continue to show their dominance. They are coming off of a huge victory over Alabama and are likely a bit beat up. We’ll see whether or not they can rise up two weeks in a row for top ranked opponents.

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