Another week where there is minimum of conference play and big team matchups. There are some good games to watch and certainly some things you should make sure you know as we set to kick off week 4 of college football.

Here are the big games for the weekend:

1. The biggest game by far is the Clemson (#24) vs. Florida State (#2) game. This is a conference (ACC) game for the two ranked teams and FSU, who won the National Championship last year, is playing without their starting quarterback Jameis Winston. He has been benched by the coaching staff for some off the field issues.  Originally it was just for the first half, now it is for the entire game. At least they are trying to take a stance and set an example. The best part is that they are not choosing to do it when the National Championship is not on the line. They are doing it against a huge, in conference, ranked opponent. Good thing for FSU is that they have a great backup quarterback.

2. Next up is probably the Alabama (#5) vs Florida game. Another conference (SEC) game against two big teams. Florida is not yet ranked but they look pretty good this season. The game is being played at Bama so that alone could be the factor. We’ll see what happens. Florida has nothing to lose in a loss to the Crimson Tide but Alabama has a lot to lose. We all know who Denise will be pulling for and probably any SEC fan that is not a Gator fan.

These next games are not in any particular order but they are some that caught my eye.

UNC vs E Carolina – UNC is ranked but E Carolina is favored. Maybe it is because the pirates are playing at home, maybe it is because the played S. Carolina really tight, but it is most likely because UNC shouldn’t be ranked and E Carolina beat the snot out of a really good Va Tech team last weekend. Melissa is just hoping that Va Tech is not out for revenge this week when her Ga Tech Yellow Jackets play against the Hokies in Blacksburg. #GoJackets #TogetherWeSwarm

LSU (#8) vs Mississippi State – I only picked this because it is a conference (SEC) game with a ranked team. If LSU doesn’t win and win big, they can kiss any hopes of going to the playoffs goodbye.

South Carolina (#16) vs Vanderbilt – Again an SEC conference game with a ranked team but USC has a long way to go with their first week loss to Texas A&M. Their season isn’t over but without a blow out victory over Vandy, it probably is.

Oregon (#3) vs Washington State – A PAC-12 matchup with Oregon on the road. The spread is only 24.5 points. As if! This will most likely be a bigger blowout than that.

Other College Football Conversation Starters:

Michigan wanted to deliver the game ball into the stadium with a drone but the FAA won’t let them. Seems a bit silly when they allow people to parachute in with the ball. I would think you have a lot more control over the drone. Government!

Auburn had to squeak out a victory over Kansas State this week but they are being accused of stealing/knowing the signals being called in during the first half of the game. I’m sure Denise is eating this up. What do you think Auburn fans? ESP or acquired knowledge?

With all that is going on in the NFL this week, it is not too surprising that a college football team is making such an example out of Jameis Winston’s off field antics. This is definitely going to cost him a repeat run at the Heisman.

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