When you find yourself backed in the corner and have to find something to say, use one of these great college football conversation starters. You’ll never know where the conversation will lead!

What are the big college football games this weekend

Week 2 is still a lot of the ‘pre-season’ feel in college football where big teams play a lot of smaller teams. However, there are a few good games this weekend. You can always start the conversation with, “Who do you think will win the …. game?”

#11 Stanford is playing #14 Southern California in a battle of the PAC-12. This will surely be a great game. Of course, there is some controversy surrounding USC with their player Josh Shaw mysteriously hurting both of his ankles in an incident that took him from hero to suspended indefinitely.

#4 Oregon is playing #8 Michigan State which is likely going to be a high scoring game. Although not a conference game for these two teams, all top teams playing each other will end with someone losing and perhaps having their dreams of making the playoffs dashed.

#15 Notre Dame is playing #25 Michigan  in their final game. We will highlight this in a separate post.

College Football Conversation Starters Week 2

college football conversation starters

“What did you think of those Louisville helmets last week? They looked like holograms. Regardless it was a great first game for them in the ACC.”

Louisville played their very first game in their new conference, the ACC, last weekend and played very well. But their helmets were wickedly cool.

“How many games can there be this weekend with greater than a 4 touchdown spread! Seriously! Can’t these teams just play others in remotely the same league?!”

Week 2 of college football still consists of a lot of pre-season type games with the best teams from the big conferences playing small teams from small conferences.

“Where is Lamar University? Is it even in Texas?”

Lamar is in Beaumont, Texas and has about 14,000 co-eds. They are playing Texas A&M this weekend who has nearly 60,000 students. Oh, that’s fair. I sure hope Lamar is making a lot of money for serving their players up as a bucket of chum to the Aggies.

“Do you think anything will come out of the Florida State investigation into Jameis Winston’s alleged sexual assault from last year?”

The quarterback for Florida State was accused of sexual assault last year but the police, DA and NCAA investigations did not find enough evidence to have him face any charges. However, now Florida State is required to investigate the allegations too.

“What did you think about Vanderbilt’s ‘controversial’ jerseys last week? I loved them, they showed great excitement for the program and great tradition. Anchor Down! That’s just cool!”

Last week, Vanderbilt wore jerseys that instead of a name on the back, it had their battle cry of Anchor Down. At first, they were penalized a timeout a quarter until they remedied the situation based on some rule that slogans could not be used. However, the staff at Vanderbilt provided the referees with proof that it had been approved and the penalty was reversed. See, that’s why they are the ‘smart’ SEC school. They can figure out the loopholes. Well done and Anchor Down! Since then, the SEC reversed their statement and these won’t be allowed again.

Vanderbilt Jersey Controversy

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