Ok, so we used to call these ‘Pick-up lines’ but so many of our followers are really not picking anyone up anymore. However, everyone needs a good conversation starter at a party, bar, boardroom or on the sofa next to your spouse. Wherever you find yourself watching or talking about football, these will help get the conversation going. For the novices amongst us, these are great ways to feel like you are a part of the action.

College Football Conversation Starters for Week 1

“I think Texas A&M’s blow out victory over higher ranked South Carolina has a lot of people in College Station asking ‘Johnny who?’ already.”

For the novice, Johnny Manziel was the dynamic and often times annoying former quarterback for A&M. He had a great career there and left for the NFL. He was drafted to the Cleveland Browns and has had a decent pre-season but will not be the first starter…yet. He has grown up some since college, but still has mental lapses like he did in pre-season when he decided to shoot the bird to the apposing team.

“Do you think Georgia State enjoyed being the only undefeated team in college football for about 24 hours?”

Georgia State played on Wednesday and won and was the first college football team in the FBS to play and win.

“There is a lot of pre-season talk about UCLA going all the way, do you believe it? This weekend won’t show a lot since they are playing Virginia”


“Once again, Notre Dame gets a high pre-season ranking. Do you think they’ll disappoint? I’m wondering if the media will ever get out of their love affair with Notre Dame”

Notre Dame always seems to get the benefit of the doubt for rankings and media coverage.

“The first weekend of college football is so exciting but watching these dominating teams kill these little schools, is not that entertaining. Thank goodness for the few teams willing to put their neck on the line for a big season opener game!”


“The best Saturday games will be the Georgia vs Clemson  and the LSU vs Wisconsin games for sure. Who do you think will win? Will the SEC come out to play?

Both of these games feature teams on both sides with top 20 pre-season rankings. Neither of them are conference games but certainly will play a strong role in how they continue to rank and their ability to get into the new playoff system. Typically, SEC teams (Georgia and LSU in this case) dominate their opponents but we are coming off the first year in a long, long time where a non-SEC team won the national championship (last year was Florida State representing the ACC).

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