These last few days are getting exciting! Again, we’ll have the BCS games that also take part during these days (Sugar Bowl on the 2nd, Orange Bowl on the 3rd and Championship Game on the 6th) in a separate post. However, here are the last 3 non-BCS bowl games!

College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – January 3rd, 4th and 5th

Cotton Bowl – 8:00pm January 3rd – Arlington, TX – Oklahoma St vs Missouri – This will be a stellar game. I have no idea who will win but it should be a good one. Definitely don’t miss it. I’ll be cheering for Mizzou just because they are SEC but I’d be just fine matchup with a great game between two ‘younger’ programs.

BBVA Compass Bowl – 1:00 January 4th – Birmingham, AL – Houston vs Vanderbilt – After a fantabulous season, Vandy heads to Birmingham to battle Houston. Both teams are 8-4 but Houston’s 8-4 is not quite as impressive as Vandy’s.  There have been better locations for these kids than Birmingham but playing in January is generally quite an honor.

GoDaddy Bowl – 9:00 January 5th- Mobile, AL – Ball State vs Arkansas State – If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Sunday night, then you can watch this game. Enjoy. I’ll be going to bed early to save up my strength for the Championship game the next night!

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