Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today!! All of these games have merit and should be enjoyable to watch but I won’t miss the Music City Bowl to cheer for my Yellow Jackets!

College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 30th

Armed Forces Bowl – 11:45am- Fort Worth, TX – Navy vs Middle Tennessee State – This game is sponsored by Bell Helicopter in honor of all those who serve in the Armed Forces. Navy once again received the invitation and this year they get to play MTSU. It is very fitting with all the news MTSU received at the beginning of the season over Steven Rhodes, a former Marine, who was finally allowed to play college ball. This might be a fun game to watch over lunch.

Music City Bowl – 3:15 – Nashville, TN – Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss – Although I’m bummed to not be at the game, skiing in Utah might be a little bit more fun…just maybe. Seriously though, I really have grown to love Nashville. What a great town that is ‘growing up’ rather nicely. Plus, I’m hoping my Yellow Jackets swarm all over those Rebels and send them back to Oxford with another tick mark in the L column. It would be nice if both teams could win as my sister went to Ole Miss, but I bleed old gold and white and want my Jackets to win! Go Tech! This should be a great game to watch.

Alamo – 6:45 – San Antonio, TX – Texas vs Oregon – Two great teams playing here. Who would have thought after Texas’ rough start they would have ended up where they did this season. Not me. Only thing we predicted and got right was that Mack Brown would no longer be their coach. Of course, we predicted that when Texas wasn’t winning so it really wasn’t that great of a prediction. Regardless, my ‘money’ (in the figurative since) is on Oregon and their fast paced offense to dominate.

Holiday Bowl – 10:15 – San Diego, CA- Texas Tech vs Arizona St – I’m not sure how these two teams got matched up with their records being so different, but at least they are regional teams to San Diego playing in a great city. I’m sure it will have a beautiful and clear night sky with a desert chill in the air. Ahhhh! Refreshing football weather.

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