Rodriguez Clemson Veteran

Clemson Athletics Photo

With Veteran’s Day coming up, revisiting the amazing story of Clemson University’s walk-on Daniel Rodriguez is appropriate. Rodriguez created a video a few years back showing an amazing work ethic of veteran wanting to play college football. He wanted to fulfill a promise he made to a fallen soldier.

Rodriguez survived an amazing firefight in Afghanistan where 8 other soldiers lost their lives. For that, he earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. A real hero. Now he is a hero on the field too where he not only made it as a walk-on to the Clemson football team but is playing in games and scoring touch downs.

This is an amazing story and an amazing man. If you are looking for inspiration or want to inspire a young man in your life, buy his book!! What a great Christmas gift. Oh, and when he graduates in December with his diploma, he will be working on a movie about his amazing journey.

For more on Daniel Rodriguez, check 0ut this article.


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