The other night, I had an opportunity to go to an event sponsored by the Georgia Tech Women’s Alumnae Networking group. It was held at GT looking over Grant Field. The purpose of the event was to teach women in the group some of the basics about football, so naturally, I was interested in what they had to say.

It was great to meet other ladies looking to extend their football knowledge but my favorite was meeting some of the ‘celebrities’!!

celebrity sightings atlantaAs I was checking in, Joe Hamilton came in!! I was so excited. Ok, so maybe if you are not a die hard Yellow Jacket fan you are saying, “Joe who?”. Well, he broke just about every GT and ACC passing record he could while he was at Tech (1996-1999) and has been our best Heisman candidate in the more recent years. He was amazing to watch on the field!

The thing I love about him the most? After trying out his luck in professional football, he returned to Georgia Tech to finish his degree (an open invitation to all Tech athletes). He is now on staff with the football team. A really great guy.

After that, two adorable brothers came in sporting bow ties and their college jerseys, Luke and Sam

Celebrity sightings atlanta

Luke and Sam Snider

Snider. They both played football in college, one for GT and the other for Alabama! I thought it was great since Denise and I represent the same schools. Sam Snider (Alabama) played for Nick Saban, got to play with Julio Jones, and was also wearing an amazing National Championship ring. I took a pic so I could make Denise jeaolous!celebrity sightings atlanta

Sam and Luke did a great job explaining some of the basics and the ladies seemed very receptive to it.

Denise and I are looking forward to conducting some fun and laid back versions of this kind of thing in the future. If you are a part of any ladies groups you think would enjoy such an event (with good food, adult beverages and lots of laughter), let us know!

Tell us what you think!