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Football is not just about the game…

…it’s about the halftime show too! This is one of THE all time best college football halftime shows I’ve ever seen. It was performed at Ohio State against Penn State on October 26th. Enjoy your trip to the movies!! Ohio State Buckeyes Womens Studio Quarter Zip Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White

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What is a play action pass

So much of football is about deception. Maybe that is one of the reasons why so many women don’t like it because our natural tendency is for things to be more transparent and fair. The reality is most every sport has some form of deception in it (except maybe golf where the only deception is […]

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Our first radio spot

All month long, the Atlanta radio station Star 94 is doing a “Think Pink” feature to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. This morning, Flip the Field was on to talk about how we are helping fight breast cancer. Check it out…then call for your mammogram!!!  

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The Ohio State University

Whew! Ohio State covers the spread with last second play!

This was quite a funny way to cover the spread by Ohio State.   Northwestern tries some last second trickery with a bunch of laterals to make a desperate attempt to move the ball down the field. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for those of us who had our pick on Ohio State, it did […]

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Condoleezza Rice

Should a woman be on the selection committee?

David Pollack Controversy What’s better on a Sunday morning after a fantastic day of football other than a little bit of controversy! Did you hear David Pollack’s comments essentially saying women should not be on the selection committee for playoffs that start in 2014? Watch this little video here to get the background. David […]

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Texas must have said their prayers yesterday

Were Texas’ prayers answered? Texas seemed to have a lot go their way last night in their win against Iowa State. They desperately needed a win and pulled it out in the last second, literally. But not before they threw this Hail Mary in the last seconds of the first half. I wonder how many […]

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Only in college football would a tribute like this be made!

This is a must watch! It brought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure where else this kind of tribute would be made other than in college football.   Dom Tiberi works for a local TV station in Ohio. He tragically lost his daughter in a car accident and this is how Ohio […]

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That’s some super fancy footwork

Did we just see the next contestant for Dancing with the Stars? With this crazy footwork, this kid has got to be able to dance. Watch to the end to see some awesome skill. Ok, so what was this guy doing anyway? We are supposed to be educating you ladies here and there on football. So here it […]

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