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unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Excessive Celebration Penalty in Football

What is excessive celebration penalty in football Excessive celebration occurs after the offense scores points and gets just a bit too excited afterwards. There are some awesome excessive celebration penalties out there! Although they can take away from the game, I have to admit, I love to see those guys dance. Here is our video […]

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Should you allow your child to play football?

Alright mom’s and dad’s out there wondering if you should let your child play football. This is for you and this is why team sports, and especially football, are so critical for your little boy. The life lessons involved in football are so much more than winning and chasing around an oblong shaped brown ball. […]

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Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands

Flip the Field is starting a new series of videos to help make you learn a bit about football penalties, the signals for the penalties and when they are called. Here is our first attempt. We hope you enjoy! Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands Let’s break it down a bit here. What is Illegal […]

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Dicks Sporting Good Ads on Youth Sports

Have you seen some of the ads that Dick’s Sporting Goods has on TV right now. I think I’ve cried at the end of almost all of them. They are amazing and demonstrate every reason our kids should be involved in some sort of team sport, including our girls! Beyond all the known benefits of […]

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College Football Bowl Games Audio Cast: Part 3 – The Good Bowls

Here is the 3rd part in our series on the College Football Bowl Games. This one highlights all of the ‘Good Bowls’. These are ones that have some combination of great matchups, great locations, classic names and just generally make sense. We hope you enjoy! Miss Part 1 or 2? Part 1: Overview Part 2: […]

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Flip the Field Audiocast: Part 2 – The Toilet Bowls

Here is part 2 of our 4 part audio cast on the college football bowl games for 2013-14. Each year, there is a long list of bowls that just should not be played. There are bad locations, bad matchups, bad names or a combination of all of these faux pas’s. Here is a sampling of […]

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Flip the Field’s College Football Bowls Audiocast: Part 1

We decided to try something a bit different to give you the run down on the 35 college football bowl games this year. Here is Part 1 of a 4 part series with a little background on the bowls and what we think about how this process works. We hope you enjoy it. College Football […]

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Pickup Lines for Week 12 – Utes, Duke and Drugs

Football is full of great stories but the best are the little one-liners that people say while watching a game. These inspire us to write our own. A mixed bag of pithy sayings and interesting facts and great conversation starters. Look like you know a lot and impress the folks around you. Here are your football […]

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Flip the Field on TV

Flip the Field’s TV Debut

In case you missed it and for those of you not local to Atlanta, here is Flip the Field’s television debut. We had so much fun filming this segment with Fox 5 News Atlanta and greatly appreciate Merissa and Blaine’s time in putting this together. We hope you enjoy this and perhaps you’ll see just […]

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college football results week 10

Rising up, Falling apart, a Hail Mary and so much more – Week 10 recap

Only one undefeated team lost that status this weekend so we are down to 7. There will be some more that drop, it’s just a matter of who. Of the top 4, Alabama has the most difficult schedule remaining still having to play Auburn, LSU and probably the SEC Championship game. Yikes!! College Football Results […]

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