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Penalty: Offsides or Illegal Procedure?

Be ahead of the call From what I’ve been told, there is something just a bit sexy about a girl who calls the penalty before the referee announces it. It shows she is not only paying attention to the game but knows a little something too. But did you know most penalties can be ‘guessed’  […]

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football rule changes 2013

Be on top of your man this season!

If  you ever picked up the 210 page NCAA Official Rules Book, you’d want to shoot yourself by page 3 of the Charlie Brown teacher ‘wah wah wah wah’ garbage. However, every year, kind of like the US tax code, they decide to add more to it. Most guys have no idea about these changes […]

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Penalty in Football

What is a penalty in football? As with the rest of life, our actions are guided by a lot of rules. In real life, most of these rules are not written down. Things like, you are invited to someone’s house, you don’t come empty handed. However, in football, all the rules are written down. If […]

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Meaning of Football Jersey Numbers

Meaning of Football Jersey Numbers The numbers football players wear actually do mean something. Why? Primarily to help the referees know if someone is allowed to be doing whatever it is that they are doing. For example, in order to catch the football (be an eligible receiver), you must have a number allowing you to do […]

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