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Why are the 50 yard line numbers gold or yellow?

Have you noticed? All of the 50 yard line markers in NFL games are painted gold. Why? At first you might think it has to do with the individual team’s colors. Nope. All the teams have it regardless of team colors. It sticks out and seems almost a little awkward. Well the rationale is quite […]

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unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

Excessive Celebration Penalty in Football

What is excessive celebration penalty in football Excessive celebration occurs after the offense scores points and gets just a bit too excited afterwards. There are some awesome excessive celebration penalties out there! Although they can take away from the game, I have to admit, I love to see those guys dance. Here is our video […]

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How many times can you throw the football in one play?

While listening to the Georgia Tech vs. Duke game this past weekend, I heard a play where the Duke quarterback threw the ball….twice! He threw it the first time and it was blocked by a defensive player. The quarterback caught it and threw it again to an open receiver who caught the ball. So, is […]

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how many feet in bounds to make a catch

How many feet need to be in bounds when making a catch?

This is one of those questions that has two different answers. How many feet need to be in bounds in college football? In college, a receiver only needs to have one foot in bounds in order for the catch to count. How many feet need to be in bounds in the NFL? In professional, football  a […]

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Antonio Brown Kicks Punter in the Face

Let’s start by saying that it’s a good thing football players have face masks.  During a punt return in the second quarter of the Browns vs. Steelers game, Antonio Brown attempted to hurdle over Cleveland punter Spencer Lanning but missed terribly. Instead of successfully leaping over the punter, he kicked him in the head….HARD!  Brown got a 15 […]

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Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands

Flip the Field is starting a new series of videos to help make you learn a bit about football penalties, the signals for the penalties and when they are called. Here is our first attempt. We hope you enjoy! Football Penalty Illegal Use of Hands Let’s break it down a bit here. What is Illegal […]

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What is the talk about the Pace of Play and 10 second rule in college football?

The Pace of Play and the Ten Second Rule is all the talk right now in college football. Maybe that’s because there really isn’t that much else to talk about since the combine is over, Spring football hasn’t started, etc. But, Flip the Field likes to keep everyone informed of what is going on so you […]

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Football Rules – One huge difference in college and the pros

I was watching the Giants/Cowboys game this past weekend and was confused when I saw this play. The Giants receiver caught a pass, went down to the ground, and then got up and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. I turned to my husband, who is the NFL expert in the house, and asked […]

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Penn State Nittany Lions

College Football Overtime Rules

The Penn St. vs. Michigan game on Saturday (which went to FOUR overtimes!) caused a lot of discussion in my house. Not about who was going to win, but what exactly the overtime rules were in college football. It was kind of funny to see a bunch of men having a heated discussion about it, […]

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Targeting…and it’s not “the act of shopping at Target”

If you watched the Alabama/Texas A&M game, then you were most likely on your feet screaming obscenities at the refs when they called a targeting penalty against Alabama’s starting safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (which then you were probably on the floor laughing about HaHa’s name!).  Here’s what happened: In the second quarter, A&M had the ball. […]

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