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Football season is here!

They say the older you get, the faster time seems to go by. Well, both of those things absolutely, positively stink except for one small benefit….the time between football seasons seems to be getting shorter! It wasn’t that long ago that my team, Georgia Tech, ended an 11-3 season with a Orange Bowl championship. A […]

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Coach Dan Reeves: A man of faith

I had the honor to be invited to a prayer breakfast this morning by a good friend who knows I love football. Dan Reeves was to be the keynote and he thought I’d enjoy the conversation. He could not have been more right. Dan Reeves is the former head football coach for the Atlanta Falcons. […]

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Should you allow your child to play football?

Alright mom’s and dad’s out there wondering if you should let your child play football. This is for you and this is why team sports, and especially football, are so critical for your little boy. The life lessons involved in football are so much more than winning and chasing around an oblong shaped brown ball. […]

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College Football Conversation Starters: Week 4

Another week where there is minimum of conference play and big team matchups. There are some good games to watch and certainly some things you should make sure you know as we set to kick off week 4 of college football. Here are the big games for the weekend: 1.┬áThe biggest game by far is […]

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NFL Scandals

NFL Scandal: Wife Beaters, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, and more

As I was researching how to title this article, I ‘googled’ several different ideas. NFL Scandals, NFL Criminals, NFL Sex Abusers, etc. It was sickening the number of hits that came up. My goodness. But the more I think about it, the more I’m just not sure where I stand on all of this. Seeing […]

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Keep it classy and keep your cool – How to watch football like a lady!

I watched the Alabama/LSU game with a bunch of neighbors last weekend. A friend of mine reminded me how last year when we were watching a game together in a public location, I was getting so infuriated with obnoxious people, I left early and went home (funny…I just remembered Alabama winning!). Anyway, she told me […]

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