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What are the football rule changes for 2015?

I ask that question every year. Sometimes the rule changes are big and sometimes they are not. College Football Rule Changes: This year in college football, there are several rule changes but none that are off the wall crazy or a big deal. The NCAA wrote up a summary of the rules changes that is […]

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NFL Scandals

NFL Scandal: Wife Beaters, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, and more

As I was researching how to title this article, I ‘googled’ several different ideas. NFL Scandals, NFL Criminals, NFL Sex Abusers, etc. It was sickening the number of hits that came up. My goodness. But the more I think about it, the more I’m just not sure where I stand on all of this. Seeing […]

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Super Bowl Sunday Changed?

So due to the winter weather, the NFL has contingency plans in place in case another storm comes and disrupts the Super Bowl on its planned date of SUNDAY, February 2nd. They might play the game up to two days before that date or a couple days after. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You don’t change […]

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Flip on TV?

I spoke with a friend of mine at the Georgia Tech game Thursday night. She stopped me and said she had to tell me something. After getting an adult beverage (first things first, really, it is a football game) she told me a great story. Her father-in-law had heard about and checked out a website […]

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