Seahawks win….I mean dominate!

Wow! That was the weirdest Super Bowl I’ve seen in a long while. All the hype. All the excitement and focus on the best offense in the league ever. And then there was the first snap from the line of scrimmage. Oh dear! What on earth! We knew then this might be an interesting game […]

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Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Part 3

The first thing out of someone’s mouth about the Super Bowl is almost always, “who are you pulling for?”. That’s when fear sets in for those who don’t even know who is playing. You can slough it off with a shrug and say something like, “who really cares about football when the Biebs is throwing […]

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super bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Part 2

Part 2 of your Super Bowl XLVIII Preview Cliff Notes will walk you though some of the slightly more intricate details of what the announcers and the big fans will be talking about. No, we are not going to get into the nitty gritty details, we will still cover it Cliff Notes style so you […]

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Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Part 1

The big game is upon us. Super Bowl XLVIII. For those of you who always hated Roman numerals, that’s number 48! It is hopefully being played on Sunday, but who knows for sure! As per our usual, Flip the Field likes to give you the basic rundown on the game’s must know information so you […]

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Pro Bowl 2014 – A new twist

Did you know the Pro Bowl is tonight? Do you care the Pro Bowl is tonight? Well, because no one has really cared about the Pro Bowl for some time, the NFL completely changed the format. Typically, the Pro Bowl is a game against the ‘best’ players of the NFC vs the ‘best’ of the AFC. […]

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Super Bowl Sunday Changed?

So due to the winter weather, the NFL has contingency plans in place in case another storm comes and disrupts the Super Bowl on its planned date of SUNDAY, February 2nd. They might play the game up to two days before that date or a couple days after. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You don’t change […]

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Super Bowl is February 2nd! Time to plan a party.

Ok, this has been a really fun season learning football with all you ladies. Now is the time to show off what you’ve learned by throwing the perfect Super Bowl Party! You have just under 2 weeks to prepare so you should order our Ultimate Football Party Planning Guide today to help you with both […]

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NFC AFC Brady Manning

NFL Conference Championship Games

Hard to believe. Only three football games left until next year! This weekend are the conference championship games for the NFL. Here are your Cliff Notes for watching the games with the men in your lives. Who is playing? There are two games. One for the AFC Championship and the other for the NFC Championship. […]

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Divisional Playoffs

NFL Divisional Playoff Games

Well, college football may be over until next Fall, but there are still 7 amazing games of football left to be played this season by the professionals. By the time these games are over, Denise and I will go into our mini-depression with all football being over, but don’t quite put a fork in us […]

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