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how many feet in bounds to make a catch

How many feet need to be in bounds when making a catch?

This is one of those questions that has two different answers. How many feet need to be in bounds in college football? In college, a receiver only needs to have one foot in bounds in order for the catch to count. How many feet need to be in bounds in the NFL? In professional, football  a […]

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Why Field Position Matters in Football

Watching some of the games last weekend, reminded me of playing flag football back in the day. It brought back these memories because of some of the plays teams called or strategies they used were something you do more in flag football (or any front yard pick up game) than you do in ‘real’ football. […]

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BCS rankings

Why is this weekend important?

It’s the first official weekend of October and Saturday is the 5th of October. So, what happened on October 5th in history? The Grand Ole Opry radio show started in 1925 Harry Truman delivered the first televised presidential address in 1947 Beatles release “Love Me Do” as their first single and the first James Bond […]

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Football Pool Strategy – Top 7 Options

Alright – so we need to talk a little strategy for you ladies who are new to playing in a football pool. The goal is to win as many points as possible each week. We play 25 games so everyone has a max number of points of 25 each week. A typical score is probably […]

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Football pool – what is the spread?

Ladies, one of the first steps in understanding how to play in a football pool is understanding the rules of the pool  in which you play. There are several ways a pool can be run, but the majority of ‘real’ pools utilize what is called the spread. If you can learn to understand the spread […]

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Are they speaking Greek?

I recently was watching Sport Center when I heard one of the commentators say: “We’ll find out how RG3’s ACL is after we see him run the option from the pistol”. Seriously!? And they wonder why women don’t watch these shows and why most of us don’t want to watch football. It’s intimidating. It’s confusing. It’s […]

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